Autel’s ITS600: Innovation in Form and Function

Feb. 1, 2021
New features to expand your shop services.

The MaxiTPMS ITS600 is a sleek, lightweight touchscreen Android tablet that performs every aspect of TPMS service, including all-known sensor activation, system diagnostics, 1-Sensor programming with 99 percent vehicle coverage, and sensor ID and position Relearn procedures. Autel’s TPMS tools’ interface has for years enabled technicians to perform these tasks easily and consistently. And the ITS600 gracefully improves upon these TPMS services efficiency.

Still, greater innovation is found in the tool’s capability when paired with Autel’s TBE100 or TBE200 tire tread depth and brake disc examiners and the forthcoming on-board DOT tire registration to prioritize safety and the integrity of the service shops can provide to their customers.


Tire Tread Depth and Brake Disc Examination

Transform the ITS600 into a precision-driven tire tread depth and brake disc examiner with the purchase of either the TBE100 or TBE200 laser-enabled wear examiner tools that wirelessly transmit data to the tablet enabling the technician to quickly identify if the vehicle needs new tires, new brakes discs, a tire rotation or a 4-tire alignment. The TBE100 has 0.95” high resolution AMOLED touchscreen display able to show just data, while the TBE200 has a larger 1.65” display that graphically displays the tire tread and disc wear conditions. Generate detailed customer reports to visually inform customers of needed services and print them wirelessly to your network printer or on Autel’s new thermal printer.


DOT Tire Identification Registration

Upcoming software enhancements include optical Tire Identification Number (TIN) recognition to identify recalled or aging tires and customer service TIN registration with the Department of Transportation.

The ITS600 is a perfect blend of form and function, offering new features that capitalize on the tablet’s design and speed including three modes of rapid VIN acquisition including VINscan that identifies the vehicle make, model and year with an optical scan of the vehicle identification number on the dash, an enhanced at-a-glance system status screen to enable technicians to immediately identify TPMS system faults on TPMS-equipped U.S., Asian, and European vehicles, and onboard instructional videos. 


Improved Speed and Communication

The tablet features the much-touted Android 9 operating system, measures just over seven inches in length, weights under a pound and boasts a 5.5-inch color touchscreen display, an embedded antenna for sensor activation and non-contact 1-Sensor programming, and includes a redesigned, wireless Bluetooth dongle, the MaxiVCI V200, with improved OBDII communication for faster relearns and module diagnostics, and a handy flashlight so even the most obscure OBDII port will be easier to spot. The ITS600 also offers more U.S. vehicle-OBDII relearns than any other TPMS tool in the industry, can program up to 20 1-Sensors at once, and enables quick placard/TPMS threshold value resets.


Code Reading, Live Data and Service Functions

Tools that exude power, versatility and, of course, intelligence, have always been the trademark of any Autel tool. And with the ITS600, Autel has given customers everything on their wish list and so much more, including quick access to four common vehicle maintenance services, Electronic parking brake caliper retraction, oil light reset, battery registration and steering angle sensor calibration, and free TPMS and service software updates for the life of the tool. Purchase the Pro software upgrade to read and clear codes, view code descriptions and live data parameter IDs from all vehicle modules, perform all systems diagnosis, and approximately 20 additional service functions for U.S., Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer.

The ITS600 grants traditional tire and rim shops the opportunity to not only improve the efficiency, and accuracy of the services they currently provide, but to expand into new services and to offer their customers greater confidence in their vehicles’ safety.

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