The Autel Advantage

Oct. 1, 2020
Autel designs, engineers, and manufactures all its TPMS products with your repair process in mind.

It’s no coincidence that in the last several years, Autel has become the world’s leading supplier of aftermarket tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) products. Autel credits its success to a comprehensive approach to the industry by becoming the only company that produces both TPMS tools and sensors. 

With the repair process in mind, Autel designs, engineers, and manufactures all its TPMS products. This gives the company total control over the continuity, quality control, and functionality of the tools and sensors.


Maximum Functionality and Durability

Several key features have helped place Autel products at the forefront of the industry. As with all Autel products, it starts with diagnostics. Autel’s more than 15 years of diagnostics experience has allowed it to take a faster, yet more thorough, approach when diagnosing TPMS. Autel combines the data retrieved from the sensors with vehicle module data to gain a complete look at the system with all the information consolidated in one simple, easy-to-use icon-based system. Autel’s tools with OBDII connection capability can even “see” mismatched sensor IDs and wheel locations. Competing products can only identify failed sensors, and there’s much more to servicing these systems than finding sensors that no longer can be activated.

The MaxiTPMS TS508 is a favorite among tire techs for its complete TPMS service functionality and durability. A tough handheld tool, the TS508 can perform every TPMS service, including activation and relearning of every sensor brand in the market.


Comprehensive Programming Methods

Both the MaxiTPMS TS608 and the TS508 offer four 1-Sensor programming methods, including the popular Copy by OBD method that enables the technician to read the sensor’s IDs (and their location) from the TPMS module, and program those exact IDs to the sensors. This is yet another Autel advantage. The Copy by OBD programming method is the easier and far more dependable sensor replacement method because it combines the ID program and position relearn into one step.  

Another standout feature of both tools is the TPMS Status Screen with its ability to quickly diagnose the system. After a quick sensor activation and connection to OBDII port, the technician can instantly see where the fault lies in the system—if the sensor batteries are dead or if a sensor ID needs to be relearned.


Sleek and Innovative Design

When it comes to design, Autel again considered the repair process and how to improve shop efficiency. Autel identified areas that could be improved such as the valve stem mounting system and uses a simple, tool-less press and release swappable stem system.

Autel’s 1-Sensor is all about coverage; it can be programmed to replace 99 percent of the TPMS sensors on today’s vehicles. So that’s one-part number to service nearly every TPMS-equipped vehicle. One sensor for multiple applications simplifies the part selection process and expedites vehicle service.

Autel’s 1-Sensor is a programmable universal sensor that can emulate both 315 MHz and 433 MHz frequencies. It can replace the OEM sensors on TPMS-equipped U.S., Asian and European vehicles.

Batch programming is a feature Autel pioneered and is not offered elsewhere in the industry. Current Autel TPMS tools can program up to 16 sensors at once with each sensor having its own unique ID. Fleet managers love this feature as they can pre-program in batches and always have them ready on the shelf.

Autel’s comprehensive approach to TPMS—universal programmable sensors teamed with function-rich tools—makes servicing this vital vehicle safety system not just more efficient but also more lucrative.


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