Podcast: The Graying Garage

Jan. 26, 2021

In a special podcast presented by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, BOT director of marketing Tim Cifelli shares how to avoid becoming "The Graying Garage" and position your shop for high AROs and revenue in the 2020s. 

In this special podcast presented by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, director of marketing Tim Cifelli discusses “The Graying Garage," a fast-approaching wave of retiring shop owners, and how to position your shop to take advantage of this industry-changing event. 

Highlights include digital marketing strategies, DVI tips for higher AROs, debunking the car count myth, how to position your shop favorably for sale, what to look for when acquiring a new shop and more.

About Tim Cifelli

Business executive with over 20 years of public relations, campaign management, branding, advertising and strategic marketing experience. Tim is the marketing director of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, the leading supplier of automotive software solutions that solve the most common struggles facing the Automotive Repair Industry. By providing today's repair shops with cutting-edge technology and best practices, time and efficiency constraints are drastically reduced, and considerable increases in productivity, revenue, and professionalism are gained.

Cifelli previously served as President, COO and Partner of DDCworks, one of the nation's most successful brand communications agencies. Prior to that he served as a campaign manager and communications director for a number of political candidates throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Cifelli's specialties include integrated marketing strategy, branding, advertising, public relations, corporate communications, social media and digital marketing.

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