Stock More Premium High Mileage Oil Options in Less Shop Space

Nov. 1, 2021

The latest innovation from Phillips 66 and Kendall provides more options with just one addition to shop shelves.

Phillips 66® Lubricants and Kendall® Motor Oil bring you the latest innovation in the lubricants space: the Phillips 66 Shield® High Mileage Booster and Kendall GT-1® High Mileage Booster. These are the industry’s first oil supplements that, when used as directed, result in a blend that meets current API and ILSAC performance standards. They have been formulated to work exclusively with Phillips 66 Shield and Kendall GT-1 motor oils to protect against rust and sludge.

Lube shop benefits include:

  • Installer-exclusive product available through Phillips 66 Lubricants and Kendall distributors
  • Maintains API and ILSAC performance standards when used as directed
  • Increases opportunity for profits
  • Improves inventory management
  • Saves shop space

Formulated for service in vehicles that: 

  • Miss recommended oil change intervals
  • Tow heavy loads
  • Frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic
  • Drive infrequently (weekend or collector cars)

Add Phillips 66 Shield High Mileage Booster to Shield Choice for a blend that mirrors Shield Defense (a synthetic blend high mileage engine oil). Or, add it to Shield Valor for a full synthetic high mileage oil change. 

Similarly, you can add the Kendall GT-1 High Mileage Booster to GT-1 High Performance for a synthetic blend high mileage oil. For a full synthetic high mileage oil, combine the GT-1 High Mileage Booster with Kendall GT-1 Max.

Whether you pour the Phillips 66 Shield High Mileage Booster or the Kendall GT-1 High Mileage Booster, give the engines you serve a boost of innovative, premium protection.

Learn more about Phillips 66 Shield High Mileage Booster at, and learn more about Kendall GT-1 High Mileage Booster at

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