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Sept. 1, 2022

It’s been a banner year for Weaver and In-N-Out Lube, and with a partner such as RelaDyne, who knows what’s next? Maybe that million-dollar secret.

Kevin Weaver is living his best life.

At 57 years old, he’s in better shape than he’s been in years—he’s cut some carbs and dropped more than 50 pounds well ahead of his fall schedule.

Weaver is also operation manager of In-N-Out Lube, the two oldest quick lube service stores in Fort Worth, Texas. One was built in the mid-seventies, and the one he operates was constructed about ten years later.

So what’s the secret to long-term success deep in the heart of Texas?

“If I knew that, I’d make a million bucks!” he laughs. “Finding people to work in the industry, maybe—the right people. Employee retention. I’ve been lucky to surround myself with smart people.”

But smart people can only do so much—when they’re equipped with smart products, increased revenue isn’t a possibility; it’s a certitude. Adapting with the Industry Weaver began his shops’ relationship with DuraMAX (a RelaDyne brand) about ten years ago and hasn’t looked back. They began as his shops’ secondary supplier and he cites excellent supply-side customer service as an added bonus.

But the industry changed (as it always does) and his primary supplier kept raising prices and Weaver wasn’t able to offer the same value to his customers and soon looked to his secondary option as a primary supplier and partner.

“DuraMAX kept the price on synthetics and semi-synthetics low and always fair,” he says, “which allowed us to not enforce dramatic price hikes on our customers. As competitors raised their prices, mine didn’t go up nearly as much—they went up $5, I went up $1. It kept me in the market.”

Weaver notes that today’s customers aren’t brand loyalty fanatics like many of the drivers of old; instead, they’re value and experience connoisseurs who look to Google and Yelp to find what they need. He also says that RelaDyne has exceptional products across the board and has helped lower his cost of goods.

“Pricing is important, of course,” he says, “but today’s drivers just want to make sure the car runs. RelaDyne has always been exceptional, and the signage package was great. They help with tanks and anything else we need—it’s a really great and appealing program.”

And that program delivers. Weaver carries all the DuraMAX oils, oil filters air cabin filters, coolants, wipers and more. He even carries some of their secondary lines, such as Rain-X, “and if they don’t have it or can’t get it to us, they’ll find someone who can or provide a similar product at negligible cost and inconvenience to the store.”

Now, Weaver is able to foster a consistently loyal customer base who trust his products and, in turn, trust him and his team to provide high quality quick lube service.

“Once you have a consistent clientele who trust your prices, that’s definitely good for business,” he says.

“DuraMAX has increased our profits. We can keep good quality products without paying premium prices, and in this market that’s a good thing. If you buy filters through an outside supplier, it could be 50 percent higher than this time last year.”

Weaver says that switching oil providers didn’t affect car count in any way and that In-N-Out Lube anticipates going through another pandemic summer without a single hiccup; in fact, they’re having a great year.

“We always want to improve,” he says, and that the business model and services offered by RelaDyne and the DuraMAX line of products is the future of the industry.

“I recommend them to everyone,” he adds, “and though they have a smaller foothold in Texas, this is where the market is going. I see competitors’ prices, show others what I pay and everyone benefits. They’re competing with big companies and helping us be successful in the process.”

It’s been a banner year for Weaver and In-N-Out Lube, and with a partner such as RelaDyne, who knows what’s next? Maybe that million-dollar secret.

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