Increase Profits with True Brand® TRUECOLDº

March 1, 2021

Quick and easy service, no certification necessary.

Increase Profits with True Brand® TRUECOLDº A/C PERFORMANCE BOOSTER by performing a quick, easy, high-profit, high-performance A/C service that covers both R134A and R1234YF. TRUECOLDº is unlike anything else on the market. It not only cleans and removes oil fouling with its innovative formula, but also contains an A/C Booster and UV Leak Detector.

Oil is a necessary lubricant for any functional air conditioning system. Over time, it builds up and causes oil fouling, which can drastically decrease A/C system efficiency. 

The patent pending TRUECOLDº formula includes a special polymer that bonds to metal surfaces in the system to help prevent future oil deposits and fights heat by reducing friction between moving components which boosts the cooling power and extends A/C system life.

Performing a quick, easy, high-profit, high-performance TRUECOLDº A/C service that covers both R134A and R1234YF

  • Boosts A/C performance
  • Cools down A/C temp much faster
  • Reduces moisture and humidity
  • Eliminates and prevents oil fouling
  • Speeds up heat transfer
  • Increases refrigerant flow
  • Lowers pool boiling temperature
  • Decreases evaporator temperature
  • Reduces fuel use
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Cleans and treats friction bearing surfaces
  • Reduces compressor noise
  • Protects the A/C system
  • Extends compressor life and increases system life
  • Detects A/C system leaks


True Cold A/C service is a quick and easy way to help your customers feel cooler faster, reduce humidity, boost A/C performance, find leaks, help extend compressor life, and help reduce fuel use.


Ask about optional installation tool.

Part# CP6011: 12 per case / 1.5 oz


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