Tesla Owner Survey Finds Service Improving

Nov. 4, 2019
5000 Tesla Model 3 owners were surveyed to determine how satisfied they are with the ownership and repair experience.

Nov. 4, 2019—As part of a multi-part study of how Tesla is performing, Bloomberg surveyed 5000 Model 3 owners to determine how satisfied they are with the ownership and repair experience. The survey asked about wait times and satisfaction with repairs, impressions of Tesla customer service, and the ease of charging their cars, among other issues, reports caranddriver.com.

To make up for the lack of dealerships to perform repairs, Tesla has a fleet of hundreds of Mobile Service vehicles that go to customers and service their cars, reports the publication. More than 96 percent of Tesla owners surveyed said they were were somewhat or very satisfied with the performance of the Mobile Service fleet. That number drops to 61 percent for those dealing with Tesla over the phone. 

Most owners were satisfied with the availability, affordability, and speed of Tesla's Superchargers, reports caranddriver.com. Even among those using slower-speed chargers in their homes, some said that they never really think about charging. Issues arise for those who live in areas with few Superchargers, such as Canada, or for people without off-street parking who have no place to install a home charger.

Bloomberg also asked Model 3 owners about the battery degradation they experienced; they reported less than 1 percent of lost capacity per 10,000 miles traveled. In a separate study, the battery of a Nissan Leaf was found to degrade at a rate three times faster.