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Sept. 1, 2022

Devon’s commitment to superior service provides multiple avenues to get answers to your questions. You won’t find a better option for quality supplies and services for all your quick lube equipment needs!

Devon Industries was created in 1988 to serve the growing quick lube industry.  Over the past 30+ years they have been the leader of innovative products such as the EZ-Glide© pit covers.  EZ-Glide pit covers were designed and patented by one of the company’s original founders, Ken Miller.  Today, Devon is recognized as the premier provider of quality, innovative automotive equipment and service for the quick lube industry.  Based in Oklahoma City, Devon still custom fabricates catwalks, tool boards, podiums, pit covers, oil gun racks, Blazer Lifts, and more for both independent operators and nationally recognized chains.

Their most recent innovation comes in the form of an oil evacuation machine.  This top side fluid evacuation machine allows operators to perform oil changes without the need for a pit.  Even better, an oil change with top side filter can be completed in 3-4 minutes on most vehicles.  With three pump designs (stationary single, portable single, and stationary dual), our customers can provide oil and other fluid changes without requiring bottom-side access for most vehicles.  The customer’s oil is collected in a clear reservoir which provides both a visual for the consumer as well as a clear measurement of how much fluid was extracted for the technician.  

To accommodate the ever-changing needs of the quick lube industry, Devon continues to custom design equipment to fit the needs of single-bay, tandem-bay, multi-bay and multi-service facilities.  You’ll recognize Devon’s quality products in thousands of locations across North America.  Devon custom manufactures and installs catwalks and full store systems to the exact size and footprint needed, while also providing ancillary equipment needs such as air compressors, oil guns, reels, pumps, and oil and air plumbing for a turn-key experience.  Devon provides unique insight and expertise for any new project, expansion, or remodel, and will design a complete solution based on your drawings and plans.

 Devon supplies the best top-side equipment in the industry.  The EZ-Glide pit covers are the standard for safety in pit covers across North America.  Knowledgeable sales teams help spec and size your pit cover needs for any opening.  Assistance with completing the appropriate dimension form found on is available.  Lube dispensing racks are manufactured in the Oklahoma City warehouse with a wide range of dispensing meters for any budget.  Devon’s point-of-sale podiums are welded, powder coated and packaged in Oklahoma City with both traditional and space saver options available.  Devon manufactures a line of step stools to help your technicians safely get to those hard-to-reach spots on larger trucks.  

In the pit, custom catwalks are designed to ensure the best fit for every quick lube facility. Devon offers either open or gator grip decking, durable welded steel frames, rust-proof galvanized steel components and double guide drain pan rails.  Catwalks are perfectly designed to work in tandem with the EZ-Glide pit covers and Devon’s drain pan rail system provides an easy and efficient experience for your technicians.  Additional features can be built into the catwalk to facilitate a clean, ergonomic workflow. This includes oil filter dispensers for better organization and tool boards that provide an instant visual evaluation of your tool inventory. Devon’s installation teams can deliver, cut, and fit shelving systems in the pit for all your storage needs.  Based on your facility a variety of bulk tank options are available and nationwide teams can have tanks, lines, and pumps installed in a matter of days.  

Devon carries the low-rise Blazer Lift. Rated for 9000 lbs, it is ALI-certified and fits with the EZ-Glide pit covers. It can either be installed as a flush mount during the construction of a facility or retro fitted in existing facilities.  Additionally, they carry the RIZR system, rated for up to 9000 lbs as well.  Should an in-ground or low-rise system not fit your facility, two and four post above ground lifts are available.  For integration with both existing and new pits, rolling pit jacks (RPJ) offer the perfect space saving solution in a low-profile design. 

Devon’s commitment to superior service provides multiple avenues to get answers to your questions.  Sales teams are available via phone (800-468-1970) and email ([email protected]).  The updated website is a quick and easy resource for new or existing customers.  Worksheets are available to aid in our custom services include catwalk sizing, vehicle lift placement, safety net and EZ Glide pit cover sizing. Devon offers references to product warranty forms and provides one to 3 year product warranties on everything they make.

You won’t find a better option for quality supplies and services for all your quick lube equipment needs!  Call us today at 888-500-0353.

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