This Week in Leadership Tactics

May 28, 2020

As the economy reopens, a lot of preparation needs to happen. Here's what leaders should be focused on.

May 28, 2020—To better assist shop owners with their leadership styles, NOLN has compiled of a short list of essential leadership material from some of its favorite sources. Here's a look at a few must-read articles from the past week.

11 Tips from the CLO of the FDA on Recovering from a Crisis — Inc. 

Here are the top 11 tips the FDA's CLO, LaKeisha McClendon, values on how to get through life's valleys and prepare for the peaks that are soon to come.

Adapt to Change: Five Tips for Entrepreneurs to Make It Through the COVID-19 CrisisEntrepreneur

COVID-19 is a temporary problem, but our businesses are permanent. Coming out on the other side of this will be a testament to the resilience of businesses and their leaders. Here's how.

8 Questions Employers Should Ask About ReopeningHarvard Business Review  

As always, employers must remain nimble, and play close attention to local conditions and changing guidelines and practices. Here are eight questions they must now address.