Do-Good Auto Coalition Steps Up During Coronavirus

April 23, 2020
The Do-Good Auto Coalition launched within the last few weeks in order to provide those who have extra cars a way to help deliver needed supplies.

April 23, 2020—The Do-Good Auto Coalition launched in the last few weeks as a way to provide those who have extra cars, a way to help deliver needed supplies, whether it's food or personal protective equipment, reported The Detroit Free Press.

The coalition was founded by Diana Lee, who was running a digital ad agency, Constellation. 

The coalition believes the auto industry can make a big difference and what the coalition needs most are vehicle to deliver supplies during the coronavirus.

So far, dealerships in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and California have offered to help. 

According to the report, food access is a major issue right now. Some restaurants suddenly find themselves with a dilemma. They can’t open and have food that’s perishable, but they don’t have enough people to drive the food to a pantry or homeless shelter.

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