EV Fires Pose Threat as Training Lacks

July 28, 2021
A lack of guidance from OEMs and training by first responders is exacerbating the issue.  

July 28, 2021一A national investigation has uncovered first responders remain under-trained to combat electric vehicle battery fires, WJLA reported. 

The investigation unearthed that the threat of an EV fire reigniting remains for as long as a full day after an accident, a key detail for collision repair shops that may operate on the vehicles. 

In a survey of fire departments across the country, 31 percent of departments said they had 'no hybrid electric/electric vehicles incident training,’ and 72 percent said awareness of hybrid/electric vehicles was an obstacle in responding to incidents.

According to the report, no vehicle manufacturers give specific instructions for minimizing the dangers posed by the risk of battery reignition.