This Week's Top Advanced Vehicle Design News

April 1, 2020

In this week's advanced technology news round-up, Ratchet+Wrench's sister publication, ADAPT, has investigated the future of the technician role.

April 1, 2020—Discover how some vehicle designs are becoming more expensive to fix and how the future role of the technician has shifted into one that requires a researcher mindset.


ADAPT Interview: Kye Yeung, Pt. 2.

Editorial Director Anna Zeck speaks with collision shop owner Kye Yeung about how he motivates his team to strive for positive change, even though it takes a lot of work to update a shop's processes.

Shifting the View of the Technician

It's not news that the role of the technician is evolving to stay abreast of vehicle technology, but are the skill-sets for technicians changing as well?


Tesla Design Could Be More Expensive to Fix

Tesla Model Y's rear hatch is so big that it's integrated into part of the roof and rear bumper, ultimately making it more expensive to fix.

BMW Producing Hydrogen-Electric Technology

BMW says its hydrogen-electric technology offers advantages over electric cars.

Hyundai Roof Air Bag Prevents Ejection

The roof airbag prevents passengers from being ejected from the sunroof and injured during a rollover accident.