Stellantis Unveils New 500-HP Straight 6

March 28, 2022

Stellantis has released a newly designed 3.0-liter engine.

March 28, 2022—While V-8 engines are falling out of favor, Stellantis introduced a possible replacement with a new, powerful straight six engine.

The twin-turbocharged Hurricane straight six-cylinder engine is a new design from Stellantis, the maker of Dodge, Jeep, and other brands. It features an aluminum block with "Plasma Transfer Wire Arc" coating in the cylinder bores to reduce friction, reports Road and Track. A host of other design features are intended to make the engine more efficient while still powerful.

There will be standard output and high-output variants, with the more powerful version topping 500hp. That's coming from a 3.0-liter package. A statement from the company says that while EVs are a key focus, internal combustion engines "will play a key role" at the company for "years to come."

Image: Stellantis