This Week in Leadership Tactics

Sept. 10, 2021
This week's roundup dives into creating a company vision, finding the keys to leadership and management and thriving through change. 

Sept. 10, 2021—To better assist shop owners with their leadership styles, National Oil and Lube News has compiled a short list of essential leadership material from some of its favorite sources. Here's a look at a few must-read articles from the past week.

8 Keys to Thriving Rather Than Struggling in the Face of Change Inc. 

How to eliminate the fear of surfing the waves of change, and enjoy the new opportunities.

What's the Real Difference Between Leadership and Management?Entrepreneur

The distinctions between managing and leading people impact your professional purpose. Here are five aspects that set them apart.

5 Reasons Your Employees Don’t Understand Your Company’s VisionHarvard Business Review

They can't follow a north star they can't see.