Report: Honda Settles in Oil Consumption Case

May 26, 2020

Honda reached a settlement in a lawsuit over excessive oil consumption in certain Acura models, according to one report.

May 26, 2020—Honda reached a settlement with members of a lawsuit over excessive oil consumption in Acura's 3.7-liter J37 V-6 engine. reports that the models affected include the 2010-2013 MDX; 2011-2012  RL; 2009-2014 TL; and 2010-2013 ZDX. Complainants in the lawsuit were able to get a test performed that showed 1 quart of oil being used ever 2,400 to 2,900 miles. The lawsuit also alleged that the vehicle's oil life monitors were misleading drivers into going longer between service.

Honda has agreed to pay some out-of-pocket expenses and for piston repairs.