Trucking Industry Putting Telematics to Use

Feb. 28, 2020

Technology that's being put to the test in trucking fleets could be used in future consumer subscription or rideshare models.

Feb. 28, 2020—One expectation for enhanced telematics services in connected vehicles is the ability to better predict needed maintenance and schedule service more efficiently.

The trucking industry's fleet format is well-suited to give the technology a try, and it's doing just that, according to a recent press release from truck manufacturer Navistar.

The company announced a telematics platform that "utilizes a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface that creates seamless communication with dealers throughout the service process, supports all-makes fleets, and integrates vehicle data from more than 24 telematics service providers," the release says.

One feature is what they call "advanced preventative maintenance," which uses the vehicle data to create more accurate, custom service intervals for each vehicle. This should lead to "educate decisions" about scheduling and, hopefully, save some money, the company says.

In the consumer vehicle world, it's easy to imagine this sort of system working for fleets of rideshare vehicles or vehicles in a subscription-based service, both of which could grow as ownership models.

It's also easy to imagine this being a great scheduling tool for quick lubes, which could potentially fill a schedule in real time by connecting with vehicles that need service.