Virginia Auto Techs Meet Surprise Snake in Vehicle

Sept. 2, 2019

The serpent slithered out from the vents, which came as a shock to the shop employees.

Sept. 2, 2019—The customers at a Chesterfield County, V.a. auto shop are keeping the techs on their toes. WVTR reports that while working on a vehicle, techs noticed a snake peeking out from inside.

“They were detailing his car and someone noticed a snake slithering on the dashboard,” employee Brandon Leinberger told the news station. “Every was pretty surprised. Very surprised!”

It caused them to back off a bit after realizing that it wasn't a toy.

As it turns out, Leinberger's father is an animal control supervisor, and he was pretty comfortable with snakes. WVTR reported that he released the snake into the wild.

Photo: WVTR