AOCA Spotlight: Amber Kossak

Oct. 1, 2019

For this month's AOCA spotlight, board president Bill Floyd interviews fellow board member Amber Kossak.

It’s hard to believe we are now playing in the fourth quarter of 2019! Last month, we held our third and final Management Certification Course of 2019, which took place in Dallas, TX. With about 50 attendees, our members proved that everything truly is bigger in Texas. The industry now has dozens of newly certified managers, who are more equipped to handle the challenges of running a fast lube than ever before.
This month we continue our AOCA Board of Directors Spotlight Series with our Treasurer, Amber Kossak of Solid Start/True Brand.

Tell us about your business and your experience in the fast lube industry

Solid Start, Inc manufactures True Brand Products, a full line of automotive treatments, supplements and performance additives, designed to enhance and extend engine and vehicle life.

Being a female-owned and family-operated business this gives us the power to make decisions! With that said we pride ourselves on being customer-centric, creating a win/win atmosphere for our employees and customers. 

I have been in this industry my entire life. As a child, I remember helping put labels on bottles at my father’s automotive additive manufacturing company. Then, as a young woman, I managed and worked at my family’s quick lube shop. Thanks to that experience, I was able to transition into managing the quick lube division of my father’s company. I found my passion for working in this industry with the customers I had come to call family.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone but that is the industry we are in. We started our company Solid Start, Inc in 2010; it took thousands of phone calls, knocking on doors, advertising and traveling the country making cold calls to get it off the ground. Through all of our hard work and dedication, our company has grown from an idea to a staff of over 30 (and still growing) with the amazing employees we have today!

What challenges do you see facing the industry today and in years to come?

To name a few would be longer oil change intervals, staying up to date on modern engine designs in order to service them, electric vehicles, customer retention, and not to mention quality help. If we have quality people in place this will make a huge difference with making the right decisions short and long term for our business. Our challenges will still be here today and tomorrow however with good quality people it might feel like climbing a hill versus us smacking right into a mountain.

Why did you get involved with AOCA?

The AOCA provides countless benefits for our industry. For us, we do not own a quick lube or service center however you could say the AOCA is a strong and powerful tool that has proven very helpful in our industry. AOCA provides training, regulatory support, and education to a community of individuals who want to learn and better their business. We truly appreciate being a part of the AOCA and the individuals who contribute to helping handle industry changes much easier.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not running your business?

My faith and family come first in my life. I love spending time with my family and helping others learn about the bible.  You might be surprised but I grew up riding go-carts, and when my husband and I were dating I bought my very first dirt bike for $40 which was in pieces. It took us a few months but we built it from the ground up together.

I now have a 2 stroke Honda 125, and a Honda 350 four-wheeler, and he has a 4 stroke Honda 250. I also enjoy snowboarding in the winter, a good mystery or who-done-it movie and of course a good card game with friends.