Ice Cream Truck Driver Sues After Oil Change

July 8, 2019

An Oregon ice cream truck owner says the shop put transmission fluid in the engine instead of oil.

July 8, 2019—An ice cream truck driver in Portland, Ore. is suing a local Jiffy Lube, alleging that technicians put transmission fluid into the engine.

The Oregonian reports that the driver, Adam Sulieman, took his Sprinter Van ice cream truck in for an oil change at a northeast Portland shop. He noticed the staff members moving around "in a panic," but they didn't tell him what was happening, according to the report.

Sulieman said that his engine seized soon after leaving. The van was inoperable and he lost $3,000 in ice cream, the story said. An inspection allegedly found transmission fluid in the engine instead of oil.

Sulieman is suing for $10,000 to cover lost income and inventory.