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Aug. 1, 2019

Catch up on the products and services featured this month.

Valvoline Engine Clean Products

Valvoline introduced All Engine Clean Intake Cleaner and All Engine Clean Fuel Rail Cleaner. These professional fuel system cleaning products provide evolved, superior chemistry to remove deposits in all gasoline engines and to provide a safer, more environmentally sound option, according to the company.

The patent-pending All Engine Clean Intake Cleaner is part of Valvoline's landmark First Defense Service Kit and designed to remove hard-to-reach deposits in port fuel injected engines and to attack carbon buildup in modern engines including those with gasoline direct injection (GDI). The professional intake cleaning process circulates a mist into the airstream to prevent puddling and diminish the toughest-to-reach engine deposits while producing low smoke and low odor. Not sourced directly from petroleum-based products and containing no known carcinogens, it is unique to the category in that it is lower in toxicity for the technician, the engine and ultimately, the environment.

"Much of the technology in this segment has a very toxic profile, so we developed a product that offers significant performance benefits over current technology while concentrating on formulations that are better for the environment – and safer for users and engines," said David Turcotte, Valvoline technical director in the release. "With our All Engine Clean Intake Cleaner, we think we accomplished this mission."

In addition to the updated Intake Cleaner, Valvoline's All Engine Clean Fuel Rail Cleaner will help remove additional carbon deposits that build up directly in the combustion chamber and injectors, contributing to drivability issues such as lost fuel economy or hesitation.

Combining the First Defense Kit with Valvoline All Engine Clean Fuel Rail Cleaner can help treat these more severe build-up issues throughout the entire fuel system.

Macnaught Battery-Operated Pump

Macnaught USA has introduced its BOP20, the industry’s first battery-powered pump system for oil applications. Designed to improve shop efficiency, reduce operator fatigue and eliminate spillage, the BOP20 series is ideal for pumping hydraulic and gear oils from five- gallon containers and replaces manual pumping and pour methods.

Its 18-volt, 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery delivers up to 40 gallons on a single charge with flow rates up to one gallon per minute. The modular pump’s flow nozzle enables one-handed operation with on-demand flow control.

Featuring a safety lockout carry handle, the BOP20’s portable powerhead can be transferred easily across multiple pump stems to reduce setup costs, while the unit’s sealed, wetted parts prevent contamination. The pump is suitable for lubricants ranging from 0W40 to SAE90.

The BOP20 Starter Kit comes with a pump powerhead, stem with adjustable suction tube, adapter, flow nozzle, 5-foot (1.5-meter) hose, lithium-ion battery and charger. The pump, which has a two-year warranty, is suitable for automotive, truck and bus, marine, construction,mining, aviation and agriculture applications, as well as for plant equipment.

Havoline Full Synthetic CVT Fluid

Chevron is proud to announce the launch of Havoline Full Synthetic CVT Fluid, responding togrowing OEM demand in North America of continuously variable transmission (CVT) applications that enable engines to achieve peak operating efficiency and greater overall fuel efficiency.

Havoline Full Synthetic CVT Fluid optimizes engine operations using high steel-on-steel friction between either a belt or chain and pulleys to transfer power. This extensively field-tested product is formulated with full synthetic base stocks and shear stable viscosity modifiers, providing excellent steel-on-steel frictional engagement, torque transfer and anti-shudder durability to deliver maximum CVT performance. In long term field testing, Havoline CVT demonstrated performance equal to and better than some of major OEM fluids.

Havoline Full Synthetic CVT Fluid covers approximately 98 percent of CVT applications in the North America market. More than 80 percent of CVT aftermarket fluid opportunities are with Nissan, Honda, Subaru and Toyota. CVTs have shorter drain intervals versus standard ATFs which presents excellent high-ticket, service opportunities for professional installers.

ESI Lil’ Devil II Tank Monitor

Electronic Sensors, Inc. (ESI), manufacturers of the Level Devil line of fluid-measuring systems, has developed an advanced version of its popular Lil' Devil tank level remote monitor, popular for oil & lubricant tanks, and more.

Designed for vented tanks, the Lil' Devil series uses "bubbler" technology, pumping tiny amounts of air into a flexible sensing tube submerged in the tank, to detect the amount of pressure at the bottom of the tank. It combines these pressure readings with user-supplied tank dimensions  and fluid identification, to calculate fluid volume or height. 

The unit transmits tank data and alerts (such as high/low alarms and sudden-change alerts), from its onboard cellular modem, to ESI's Data Center,  which in turn relays the information to any computer or phone of the user's choice (up to 10 contacts), via direct data link, email, text or automated voice, or posts the data to a password-protected private client web page on ESI's Level Devil website. 

With cellular carriers planning to end 2G and 3G service, the new Lil' Devil II uses the advanced 4G/LTE Cat M1 cellular telecom network – now covering the U.S., and lasting far into the next decade. 

The Lil' Devil II expands the popular Lil' Devil’s tank monitoring capacity from 4 tanks to 5, and adds a large onboard LCD digital display, showing tank number and amount in the tank (in user-selected units). The AC-powered unit also transmits an alert if AC power fails. 

The Lil' Devil system is popular for remote monitoring of non-volatile oils and lubricants, anti-freeze, low-reactivity industrial chemicals, and water/wastewater. Additional Level Devil monitors and sensors are available for most fluids and tanks.

CRC GDI Intake and Turbo Cleaner

CRC Industries, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of specialty chemicals for maintenance and repair professionals and do-it-your-selfers, announced the issuance of US Patent No.10,267,227 for its CRC GDI IVD Intake Valve & Turbo Cleaner. The patented technology includes systems for the reduction or elimination of intake valve deposits in gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines and related methods, including the delivery device, conduit and actuator.

CRC GDI IVD Intake Valve & Turbo Cleaner is a revolutionary aerosol product that cleans GDI intake valves when applied through the engine's air intake or throttle body and delivered directly to the back of the valves. As vehicle manufacturers began shifting to GDI technology, CRC was at the forefront in addressing the unique performance issues caused by carbon deposit buildup on GDI intake valves, such as hard starts, rough idle, poor acceleration, reduced fuel economy, excess emissions and power loss.

“We continually strive to innovate by developing new solutions to maintenance issues and addressing the needs of our customers both now and for the future. It’s critical to be forward-thinking and stay ahead of technological advances,” said Adam Selisker, global VP of research and development for CRC, in a press release. “The number of vehicles with GDI engines in the US is expected to exceed 80 million by 2021. Our proprietary technology provides a better service alternative to maintain GDI engines for both repair shops and vehicle owners, while also making the job manageable for the skilled DIYer.”

Prior to the invention of CRC GDI IVD Intake Valve & Turbo Cleaner, cleaning GDI intake valves was a costly, labor-intensive process, requiring engine disassembly to remove the valves for manual cleaning or walnut-shell blasting. 

With the new CRC GDI valve cleaner, the service can be performed up to 75% faster than previous methods and without engine teardown, freeing up valuable bay time for shops and saving hundreds of dollars for consumers.

Snap-on Classic Roll Cab

The 73" Snap-on KCP1423 15-Drawer Double Bank Classic Series Roll Cab with PowerDrawer and SpeeDrawer offers technicians added height and 50 percent more storage for use in all types of repair and maintenance settings, especially compact workplaces where floor space is limited.

This taller roll cab features:

• SpeeDrawer specially designed for organizing loose fasteners, parts and tools

• PowerDrawerTM that makes it possible to charge power tools and handheld devices with five outlets and two USB ports

• Drawer with a 12" Power Tool Rack designed to hold cordless and pneumatic tools

• Three spacious, extra-wide top drawers for easier access to the most often used tools

• Heavy-duty drawer slides, each capable of holding up to 227 lb

"My customers love that they get the SpeeDrawer, PowerDrawer and power tool organizer drawer all in one roll cab. The height of the roll cab is a huge factor for customers, and many of them want to purchase the work center as well because the extra height makes it really easy to see inside the work center," said a Snap-on Franchisee from Camdenton, Missouri.

The welded, reinforced corners maintain the cabinet's tough structure, while vibration-absorbing casters provide tools and equipment a smooth, stable work and storage environment. This roll cab is available in 11 color packages including black trim, titanium Snap-on logo and more.

John Bean Alignment System

Finding your way around any alignment problem just got simpler, according to John Bean, with its new V2380 Wheel Alignment System.

“The new John Bean V2380 is a versatile aligner that features the latest XD target and camerasystem, while at the same time, offering the most intuitive, easy-to-operate, industry-leading software that John Bean has ever provided on an aligner,” said Adam Brown, product manager for John Bean, in a press release. “Shops that utilize the new V2380 will move their alignment business in a new, positive direction.” 

The John Bean V2380 Wheel Alignment System is an advanced imaging alignment system thatdoes not require extensive training or experience to operate. Key innovative features offer many distinct advantages, including:

  • Touchless AC400 wheel clamping system is uniquely designed to make no contact with the wheel. Fast and easy to use, clamping is accomplished with a single fast-action knob and no accessories are needed to accommodate the full range of tire sizes. In addition, the XD targets are lighter and take up less space than previous designs.

  • Wheels-off mode eases hard-to-reach adjustments

  • Integrated, fast audit check maximizes profitability

  • New user interface streamlines workflow for enhanced productivity and ensures that alignment repair information is always one click away

Other key features of the John Bean V2380 include high resolution cameras that produce accurate, live alignment readings and diagnostic data. The camera beam automatically follows as the vehicle is raised by tracking the targets and the video speed cameras constantly monitor the alignment and provide critical information to ensure the job is performed correctly.

Milwaukee Packout System

Milwaukee Tool continues to revolutionize tool transportation, organization, and storage for the trades with the addition of two new solutions to their widely popular PACKOUT Modular Storage System*. The PACKOUT System is not only the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry, it is also the largest with the launch of these new products. Through an intuitive and quick attachment mechanism, the new PACKOUT Dolly and Mounting Plate allow users additional options for transporting and storing their existing PACKOUT collections.


Constructed with impact resistant polymer and a 250lbs weight capacity, the PACKOUT Dolly provides users with a convenient way to transport their tools and equipment throughout the jobsite.  Its smooth roll wheels allow the Dolly to easily roll with a heavy load, while a Quickstop Loading Lever enables users to hold the dolly in place when loading and unloading the PACKOUT dolly.   

PACKOUT Mounting Plate

The PACKOUT Mounting Plate provides users the ability to stabilize and secure their PACKOUT Storage in the shop or in a vehicle. Like the Dolly, the PACKOUT Mounting Plate is constructed with impact resistant polymer and has metal reinforced mounting and tie-down points that allow it to support & secure 100lbs of weight on the floor and 50lbs on the wall.

With the addition of the new PACKOUT Dolly and Mounting Plate, the Milwaukee PACKOUT Modular Storage System now has 19 different pieces for users to choose from to build out their custom storage solution – making PACKOUT the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry.

Raybestos Air Disc Rotors

With the recent addition of four new air disc rotor part numbers to its specialty rotor line, Raybestos now offers increased coverage for air disc applications, and intends to release additional part numbers later this year.

“We’re thrilled to continue expanding our air disc rotor offering to pair with our already strong air disc brake pad offering,” said Sam Rusenovich, director of sales – commercial vehicle and customer experience, Brake Parts Inc LLC. “Our air disc products are specifically designed to handle the demands of class 7 and 8 vehicles by providing better stopping power and unmatched durability. All of our air disc products meet or exceed original design and performance requirements.”

Raybestos air disc rotors are designed to meet or exceed OE fit, form, function and SAE metallurgy. This discipline in design allows for better endurance under extreme temperatures and vehicle load. All rotors are 100 percent coated with Grey Fusion 4.0 technology for corrosion resistance.

Raybestos air disc rotors are qualified by the new SAE J3080 crack test procedure for air disc brakes, written specifically for these applications in 2018. Raybestos not only passed this rigorous test, but far exceeded its stringent requirements.

Raybestos also has a complete offering of medium duty products developed for demanding work environments and created with fleets in mind. With outstanding performance and stopping power, even in extreme load and temperature conditions, Raybestos covers all fleet needs, from class 1 hydraulics through class 8 air disc.