Minnesota Shop Offers 'Cars 101'

June 26, 2019

A Minnesota auto shop is making an effort to educate area drivers on the basics.

June 26, 2019—An auto shop in Lino Lakes, Minn., is taking a day to teach people the basics of car ownership and maintenance.

Paul's Precision Auto Care is offering a "Cars 101" class on June 29, reports the Quad Community Press. Owner Paul Selbitschka told the paper that an educated customer is a good customer. His teenage daughter's friends were sending their car questions her way.

“When you go through driver's ed, they don't touch on any of that," Selbitschka said.

The class should help people avoid going down an internet path full of misinformation, he added. And he hopes that if someone finds themselves in a tough situation with a malfunctioning car on the road, they'll know where to start.

The class will cover these topics: 

• How to check and add oil to the engine

• How to check antifreeze/coolant levels and add if needed

• How to check and add power steering fluid

• How to install a spare tire

• How to jump start a car correctly

• What all the lights on the dash mean and what to do if they come on

• What type of fuel to put in a car and why