N.C. Dentist Opens Meineke Shop

June 7, 2019

Entrepreneur Kong Vang will add a Meineke shop to his list of ventures.

June 7, 2019—A North Carolina dentist jumped into the car care game as a new Meineke franchisee in Albemarle.The company announced that Kong Vang will bring his approach to dentistry to this new venture.

“I plan to run my store like I run my dental practice, from the friendly greeting customers receive when they walk in, to being informed throughout the process, and understanding what service was performed and why," Vang said in Meineke's press release. "I want to give them the feeling they get when they visit a five-star hotel and leave my center delighted about the service they received and want to come back.”

Vang's passions outside of dentistry are cars and philanthropy. He owns some classic cars alongside the newer models, the release said.

Vang heads a non-profit called “Create a Vision”. Through his non-profit organization, Vang provides free dental cleanings to underprivileged children as  well as school visits to talk with children about careers, in hopes of helping them create their own vision for the future.

“There are many underprivileged children that are lost, and our goal is to show them that they are loved and give them hope by helping them see a career  path forward,” Vang said. 

While his brother Kao will be running the Meineke business, Vang will remain in his dental practice.

Images: Meineke