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April 1, 2019

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New Ultra-Low Viscosity Oil

Chevron recently launched its new ultra-low viscosity, Havoline ProDS Full Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 0W-16 with Deposit Shield Technology, responding to market needs for improved fuel economy and lower emissions without sacrificing protection.

Havoline ProDS SAE 0W-16 is for today’s newest gasoline and hybrid, start-stop engines designed to operate on an SAE 0W-16 viscosity motor oil. This product meets the requirements of API SN PLUS / Resource Conserving, protecting modern engines from low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI).

In technical comparisons with industry standards and performance testing versus a major OEM fluid, Havoline ProDS SAE 0W-16 demonstrated advantages in the areas of: wear protection, sludge and varnish, oxidation, reduced engine deposits and protection from rust and corrosion. For example, Havoline ProDS SAE 0W-16 showed 50-percent less cam lobe wear compared to the API SN PLUS specification [Sequence IVA (ASTM D6891)].

Select 2018 Toyota and 2018 Honda models are driving initial demand for SAE 0W-16. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements will push other OEMs to follow over time.

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Cordless Work Lights

Worx recently introduced two new cordless solutions to tackle a wide variety of task lighting projects including the 20V Multi-Function LED Light and the 20V Max Lithium LED Worksite Light.

The new Worx 20V Multi-Function LED Light features five functions including a flashlight, lantern, desk lamp with hi/lo settings and flashing emergency light. As a flashlight, the 5.6-pound Worx 20V Multi-Function LED Light projects a beam of light that’s the equivalent of 130 lumens. The flashlight beam burns for 18 hours on a single charge of the 1.5 Ah battery. In lantern configuration, it generates 480 lumens, producing light for up to eight hours. The desk lamp configuration generates 440 lumens and runs for up to seven hours on the hi setting, or it projects 210 lumens and will run up to 18 hours on the lo setting.

The Worx 20V Max Lithium-ion Worksite Light generates 1500 lumens, which is the equivalent of a 100-watt light bulb. The cord-free, go-anywhere 20V Worksite Light makes any project where light is needed easier. It weighs 5.6 pounds with battery. A built-in hook can be used to hang the worksite light from the hood of a vehicle to see into the engine compartment, or the work light also can be mounted to a conventional tripod.

The worksite light is housed in a tubular frame with a rigid foot plate as its base. The frame incorporates a comfortable foam grip, which serves as a carrying handle. The high-performance, tempered-glass LED light’s frame rotates north to south 360 degrees. When using a Worx 1.5 Ah Max Lithium battery, run time is approximately 90 minutes; with a 2 Ah battery, it’s two hours; and with the Worx 4.0 Ah battery, the light will operate up to four hours continuously.

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Incorporate Paid Search Advertising

The Mitchell 1 SocialCRM shop marketing service is now offering paid search advertising, helping automotive shops attract new business and maintain an effective online presence as a key part of their overall marketing strategy.

The new Google Ads option from SocialCRM is designed to help shops extend their internet reach, target customers looking for auto repair services and maximize return on their advertising investment. The auto repair shop online marketing service includes custom landing pages to maximize ad performance and conversions, unique call tracking phone numbers, ad creation and customization, budget setup, robust reporting and full account administration by a SocialCRM support agent.

Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM auto repair marketing service provides a comprehensive program to attract and retain customers. With automated marketing messages, authentic customer reviews, social media content, professional website and more, shops can engage with customers and enhance their online presence to build loyalty. SocialCRM is integrated with Manager SE, Mitchell 1’s shop management software, for immediate access to vital customer details and insights.

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Expansion of Performance Rotor Coverage

Raybestos has expanded its specialty line of Performance Rotors, adding 60 new part numbers to cover even more popular performance applications.

Raybestos Performance Rotors are made with application-specific enhanced iron, which suppresses noise and keeps brakes running cool, quiet and vibration free. Drivers experience a stronger bite without sacrificing smooth braking. Performance Rotors feature black fusion coated hats or Grey Fusion 4.0 coating for rust protection. Additionally, patented S-groove slot designs found on select applications allow for improved pedal feel.

The Raybestos Performance line is specifically designed for demanding street performance drivers. The new rotor coverage includes truck, SUV and luxury car applications.

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Larger Spill Kit Cart

New Pig recently introduced the Pig Spill Kit in a Large High-Visibility Cart to help facilities respond quickly and more efficiently to large spills. The cart provides a highly visible central station for more absorbents and spill supplies than most available spill carts — and three times more than the original Pig Spill Cart.

Designed to find the right absorbent without digging or dumping, the cart’s large swing-out doors and flip-top lid offer instant and full access to spill response supplies. Eight-inch rear wheels roll and front swivel caters allow the cart to move swiftly over uneven surfaces. In addition, it holds a mounted roll of Pig Mat for easy pull-and-tear dispensing. PPE is also included to guard against splash backs.

Available in absorbent variations for universal, oil-only or hazmat spills, the Spill Cart contains Pig Absorbent socks, mat pads, loose absorbent and wipers.

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New Line of Severe Duty Transmission Fluid and Gear Oil

Hot Shot’s Secret now offers a new line of Severe Duty Transmission Fluids and Gear Oils branded under its most premium line, Blue Diamond. Blue Diamond Severe Duty formulas are for all vehicles that experience heavy loads, towing or challenging terrain.

Hot Shot’s Secret’s Blue Diamond Severe Duty Transmission Fluid and Gear Oil formulas utilize 100-percent poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) Group IV synthetic oils and high-quality Group V esters infused with Hot Shot’s Secret’s patented FR3 nano technology. Both Blue Diamond Transmission Fluids and Gear Oils offer multiple benefits that provide longer transmission and gear protection and performance with extended drain intervals.

Blue Diamond Severe Duty formulas ensure improved oxidation resistance and thermal stability; all while reducing deposits, varnish and sludge that can cause costly breakdowns. These unique formulas reduce heat transfer with improved oxidation stability for maximum protection. The FR3 nano technology provides a higher level of energy efficiency for improved shift response, reduced noise and vibration and horsepower gain up to 3 percent. All Blue Diamond Severe Duty products are backed by Hot Shot’s Secret’s money back guarantee.

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New Vehicle Fluid Sample Tray

H&S Garage Gear recently released a new U.S.-made vehicle fluid sampling product — the Fluid Lock. This product features a snap-down window that safely holds customer fluids, tough plastic composition, stackable design and pristine molded-in graphics. This sturdy new alternative to vehicle fluid sampling provides first-rate fluid indication to customers while offering mechanics a chance to provide a simple diagnosis and recommendation on when to change unhealthy fluids.

H&S Garage Gear has created a fluid examination experience for each customer. This procedure includes a short, animated video for customers to watch while in the waiting room that discusses the importance of checking and maintaining their vehicle’s fluids. This video can be accessed by scanning a QR code on a counter card, provided by H&S.

When the Fluid Lock is implemented and customer awareness improves, daily fluid sales will increase, sales confidence will grow and vehicle fluid health will improve.

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