Calves ‘Mooove’ into Auto Garage

Feb. 1, 2019

There has been a fuss over some farm animals being kept at a business in Luzerne County.

There has been a fuss over some farm animals being kept at a business in Luzerne County. The owner has three calves inside her auto garage in Swoyersville, Pennsylvania.

The mayor says the auto garage is not breaking any ordinances keeping the calves inside the business.

The owner says she brought them there so they don't have to be outside in the freezing temperatures.

This is an unusual home for Elmer, Jersey, and Angus. The three calves just moved into the Grease Monkey Garage in Swoyersville.

And since they got there, one of the garage's owners Raquel Russell says there have been a lot of complaints.

"The zoning officer called us and asked if we had them here, about two weeks ago and asked us if we had them here, and he said that someone recorded them and made a complaint that they weren't taken care of," Russell said.

Swoyersville Mayor Chris Concert took to Facebook to clear up any controversy about the calves. In his post, he says the calves are being well taken care of and the owner of the garage is not violating any ordinances by having them.

"We're not zoned residential, so technically by the town's zoning laws, we're not breaking anything because we're not in a commercial district," Russell explained.

The calves have been here about two weeks, and Russell says they haven't disrupted business at all.

"People hear them mooing and they question if we have cows and you know, we tell them. Some of our customers come out and play with them and pet them and they think it's the greatest thing ever."

Russell and her husband bought the calves at an auction to save them from being slaughtered.

With the freezing temperatures we've had recently, she says the calves wouldn't survive outside.

"They're warm. They're fed. They get fresh food, fresh water every day. People play with them. My kids come in and play with them. They're happy," Russell said.

She invites anyone from the public to visit them at the garage.

"Come see them. If you want to complain about them. Come see them. You'll see how good they are. You'll see how warm they are. They're happy. They're fed and you can play with them whenever you want."

The owner of the Grease Monkey Garage says the calves will only be there for about another month. When it gets warmer, she'll move them to her family's farm.

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