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Oct. 1, 2018
October brings new parts, tools and resources for fast lube and quick automotive maintenance shops in this month's Products and Services.

No Adaptors Required

Trico Products Corporation recently released their all-new Trico Pro premium beam blade line — designed specifically with vehicle service professionals in mind. The new line features an innovative one-fit connection system, eliminating the need for adaptors.

The new blades are engineered with the latest in beam blade technology to deliver the all-weather performance customers expect from Trico. With a minimal SKU count for full, on-hand stock, the Trico Pro line is available in 15-inch to 28-inch sizes, delivered in easy-to-open packaging. Additionally, the complete line stocks in just 2.5 square feet of space.

Trico Pro wiper blades fit the most popular arm styles, including hook, side lock, push button and pinch tab.

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New Standard in Cabin Air Filters

With the improved FreciousPlus 2, Mann-Filter claims to set new standards in cabin air filtration. The new filter not only separates ultra-fine particles, but also binds other harmful gases from outside and within the vehicle. The new filter continues to provide protection against allergens, bacteria and mold.

The FreciousPlus 2 features ultra-fine nanofibers, which are around 100 times thinner than the fibers of conventional filter fleeces. Like a spider’s web, these fibers cover the underlying filtration layers consisting of coarser fibers, allowing them to trap ultra-fine particles. This results in significantly enhanced performance of the new filters compared to the previous filter model. This means that, in addition to the PM10 and PM2.5 particle classes, the FreciousPlus 2 is able to filter out up to 90 percent of the even finer, class PM1 particles (particles with a diameter of less than 1 micrometer, which is 0.001 cm). FreciousPlus 2 also removes up to 80 percent of ultra-fine particles, which are smaller than 0.1 micrometers. By way of comparison: These extremely tiny particles are roughly 700 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

The enhanced FreciousPlus 2 also significantly outperforms the predecessor model in the reduction of harmful gases and odors: Nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and ozone are trapped more effectively. The new filter line absorbs more than 200 times as much ammonia, compared to the previous model, and also protects from volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, which can be released by vehicle passenger compartment materials.

The new filter line filters allergens, as well as bacteria and mold, to the same high degree as the first generation. It binds allergens almost completely and prevents bacteria and mold from penetrating into the vehicle passenger compartment through the ventilation system.

The Mann-Filter FreciousPlus 2 will be available for selected passenger car applications on the independent aftermarket from early 2019. The existing range will be progressively replaced by the new generation filters.

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New Socket System

Snap-on recently introduced its new Flank Drive Xtra (FDX) socket system. The first redesigned Snap-on socket since the patented Flank Drive system developed in 1965, the FDX takes the brand’s innovative socket and makes it even better, offering more turning power, a more secure fastener engagement and greater efficiency.

The FDX is small but mighty. An improved design grips fasteners further off the corner and offers up to 25 percent more strength than Flank Drive sockets. With its angled contour, the socket wall grips damaged fasteners more closely for 50 percent more turning power. An optimally chamfered lip on both the hex and drive ends of the socket allows for a better grip and more turning power, especially for shallow-headed fasteners and fasteners with limited top clearance. FDX sockets feature grooved, grippable outer walls, a unique design feature that makes them eaiser to move. FDX sockets also feature easier identification and improved readability with large, distinctive markings on the socket exterior.

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Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer

Ergonomic and easy-to-use, the new John Beam 9800 Heavy Duty Wheel Balancing System is perfect for shops that perform multiple heavy-duty balancing jobs day-in and day-out.

The new John Beam 9800 meets the heavy-duty wheel balancing needs of today’s shops. Featuring an intuitive user interface, the John Beam 9800 is operator friendly and designed to balance truck, bus, RV and automobile wheel and tire assemblies quickly and easily.

Capable of handling wheel ranges from 12 inches to heavy-duty sized wheels as big as 24.5 inches, plus super-single tires, the 9800 has all the tooling included for cars through light trucks and even heavy-duty trucks. Some other key features include: a pneumatic wheel lift, which aids in proper wheel mounting and reduces strains caused by lifting heavy tires; semi-automatic data entry, which makes setup easy and eliminates errors as it inputs diameter and distance utilizing the inner input arm; and self-calibration by operator, where the operator can recalibrate the balancer in two easy steps ensuring accuracy, while saving on costly service calls.

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Protect Surfaces, Improve Safety, Reduce Cleanup

A new solution from 3M offers a removable, efficient and economical way to protect surfaces from fluids and debris, trapping these contaminants in the fabric for easy cleanup. 3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric provides a temporary, conformable surface covering that adheres to most surfaces, but removes easily and leaves no residue after the work is completed.

The 3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric replaces paper-and-tape or other surface coverings that frequently become soggy, slippery and leak to surrounding areas. By holding out fluids and trapping debris, the product allows for easy cleanup and removal of industrial contaminants. The low-tack adhesive backing keeps the material secure on smooth surfaces for improved traction. This may help to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. In addition, it also protects surfaces from light impact and abrasions from tools and equipment.

A key feature of 3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric is its nonwoven surface, which traps contaminants rather than just allowing them to land. This keeps them from spreading around due to sweeping or foot traffic, and keeps particles out of workspaces and off of the work itself.

The 3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric is available in 300-foot rolls in widths of four inches, six inches, 14 inches, 28 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches and 56 inches. Available magnetic dispenser and wall and floor applicators make applying the material fast and simple.

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Access to Free Planning Tools

Anyone planning to build a new vehicle repair shop or expand an existing facility now has more accessibility than ever to Rotary Lift’s assistPro — a free professional facility planning assistance that helps maximize shop efficiency and technician productivity, while avoiding costly mistakes during shop construction or renovation.

Customers can now access the Rotary Lift Building Information Modeling (BIM) Library directly from Rotary’s website at: After creating a log-in to the BIMsmith Market, customers can find all Rotary Lift BIM files, including cut sheets, spec documents, installation manuals and real images of each lift. This resource provides faster product access and the ability to compare Rotary Lift specs side by side.

Customers can use the resource to determine the optimal number, placement and arrangement of vehicle lifts for a new or remodeled facility. Rotary Lift’s in-house assistPro team works with customers and their architects to create custom facility layouts. The assistPro service allows customers to include the appropriate lifts in their shop layout from the beginning — before construction — to help avoid common shop design mistakes like not considering lighting placement, overhead clearance and door size.

After determining a facility’s intended use, the assistPro team draws a floor layout with lifts placed for maximum productivity. Turning radii and traffic flow are matched to the types of vehicles serviced, so technicians will be able to quickly pull into and out of the bays. Rotary Lift provides assistPro layout drawings in CAD or PDF electronic formats or as color prints, based on customer preference. Turnaround is fast (usually seven to 10 days), so users can get to work on their new spaces as soon as possible.

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