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May 1, 2018
May's products and services feature oil filters, additives, wiper pullers, technology, guides and more. Check out all of these new offerings.

High-Performance Oil Filter

Service Champ recently introduced a new High Performance Synthetic Oil Filter to help accommodate the industry’s continued upswing in synthetic engine oil changes.

Service Champ’s new filter provides extra protection, extends oil life and results in better engine performance. The Service Champ High Performance Synthetic Oil Filter is manufactured with an enhanced micro-glass media cartridge, heavy-duty baseplate and reinforced steel tube center. The high-performance powder coated shell is ASTM B-116 tested and approved. An upgraded anti-drainback valve is made from synthetic silicone materials.

The filter removes 99 percent of contaminants at 20 microns to help prolong engine life. The filter’s media is geared to combat severe driving conditions including high temperatures, dust and dirt, and will trap more contaminants than conventional filters.

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New Garage Program

Risk Theory, LLC, recently launched a new garage package program for franchised and non-franchised auto service and repair operators.

The Risk Theory Garage Program offers broad, competitive coverage terms and pricing for franchised and non-franchised facilities. Coverage is written on an admitted basis through an insurer rated A- Excellent by A.M. Best & Company and provides the following coverages: property, garage liability and garagekeepers, commercial auto, crime, inland marine, equipment breakdown, EPLI and excess liability.

For more information, contact your retail insurance agent, call 469.310.9193 or email: [email protected]

Enhanced Oil Filters

Fram recently upgraded its Extra Guard Spin-on Oil Filters to now feature a silicone anti-drainback valve (ADBV) and will now meet all manufacturers’ recommended change intervals.

The silicone ADBV remains flexible three times longer than nitrile, offering added protection for safe engine start-ups. Additionally, the new and improved filter offers even stronger protection against dry starts, which can damage the engine.

Extra Guard Oil Filters’ special blend of fibers and resin creates a proprietary filter media that captures 95 percent of the dirt particles greater than 20 microns that can cause harmful engine wear.

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New Pourables

Starfire’s line of automotive additives offers service providers proven products that maximize efficiency while delivering better gas mileage and longer engine life.

Starfire Fuel Injector & Carb Cleaner uses the latest technology in gasoline detergency to clean and lubricate fuel injectors and carburetors and restore fuel flow and performance. Starfire Gas Treatment is a special blend of powerful cleaners to clean the entire fuel system from gum, varnish and deposits. The alcohol-free cleaner will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors and works with both fuel injectors and carburetors. Starfire Motor Flush removes sludge, gum and varnish from engines to improve flow. Starfire Octane Booster restores lost power, reduces hesitation and stalling and prevents difficult starting. Starfire Oil Treatment is an advanced formula that creates a protective barrier against friction and heat to extend engine life.

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New Wiper Puller

OTC recently introduced the new 4680 Wiper Puller, designed to remove wiper arms on passenger vehicles and light trucks. The Wiper Puller allows technicians to easily access recessed components or areas with minimal clearance.

The unique design includes jaws that are forged with a radius to tightly hug the center screw for minimal spread, while ensuring optimal contact with the object being pulled. The wiper puller includes two pairs of legs, including nine-sixteenths-inch wide and one-inch wide, to aid in many types of small component applications. The leg shoulder of the wiper puller fits over the hex bar and can be secured into position with a simple turn of a wing nut, which is coated in plastisol for better grip.

OTC covers the 4680 Wiper Puller with a lifetime warranty. It is currently available through OTC’s distribution partners.

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New Flightboard

Hunter Engineering recently demonstrated Quick Check Flightboard. Flightboard is an automated display that quickly showcases inspection findings in the service drive or customer waiting room. This display features inspection results in real-time to educate vehicle owners, increase shop transparency and ease the friction of manual presentations.

Results are quickly presented to customers to streamline the service process and inform vehicle owners of necessary vehicle service including alignment and tire tread depth information.

Flightboard is available for all Hunter Quick Check or Quick Tread customers with HunterNet.

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Repair Door Dings and More

E2 Lens Re-New now offers a safe and easy-to-apply formula that removes paint transferred onto a vehicle from accidental door dings, light collision or other method of contact. In addition to removing the deposited paint, E2 Erase All also removes minor scratches, tree sap, adhesive gummy residue, bugs and scuff marks.

E2 Erase All works without the use of harsh solvents, sanding, hand tools, priming or re-painting, and will not harm the vehicle’s clearcoat and paint. To use, simply apply a thin layer of the cleaning solution to the affected area and let it soak for two minutes. Then, apply firm pressure by rubbing the solution into the affected area using the cleaning cloth included in the kit. Once the area is cleaned, wash and rinse with soap and water. Then, towel dry to restore the vehicle’s paint to its prior luster.

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New Application Guide

IPC Global Solutions recently published their 2018 Ecogard Filter Application Guide. Ecogard offers a comThe 2018 Ecogard Filter Application Guide includes coverage for automotive and light-duty applications from 1995 to 2018.

The 2018 Ecogard Filter Application Guide features an overhauled cover design for a fresh new look that emphasizes Ecogard's continued focus on the installer experience. Also included are comprehensive updates to key features such as program popularity and buyer's guides, expanded coverage for medium- and heavy-duty application s and improved graphical icons for quick reference. The 2018 Ecogard Application Guide features over 50 new part numbers and expanded coverage into the 2018 model year.

2018 Ecogard catalogs are available from IPC's warehouses in Taunton, Massachusetts, Miami, Florida, and Los Angeles, California. It has been published electronically to WHI, Epicor, ISI, Sage, Check Chart, DRB Systems, Autodata and other e-catalog providers. The catalog is also available online at:

Extend Oil and Engine Life

Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement offers a multitude of benefits to customers looking to address higher-mileage engine issues like engine wear at start-up, helping restore horsepower and torque, extending oil life, quieting noisy engines and making engines run better and last longer.

Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement uses a petroleum-based formula that will not void new car warranties and is compatible with all petroleum and synthetic oils, making it a multi-faceted product. The high-film-strength, non-foaming, extreme-pressure supplement leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal engine performance with minimal investment and effort.

The supplement improves oil and engine performance in five ways: It creates a protective film on all internal engine parts. It seals piston rings and valve guides to restore compression. It extends oil life by up to 50 percent with added protection that improves viscosity and prevents thermal breakdown. It reduces engine, gear box and manual transmission temperature through its reduced-foam formula. It quiets drivetrain noise, thanks to the extreme-pressure lubricant that enhances oil’s ability to cushion and absorb mechanical shock.

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