General Motors Putting $854 Million Toward V8 Engines

Jan. 26, 2023

Though GM has begun the shift toward EVs, internal combustion engines remain relevant.

Jan. 26, 2023 – General Motors is making a $854 million investment in four factories to build a new generation of V8 internal combustion engines, Fox Business reports. 

The investment will be put towards engine and parts manufacturing at Flint Engine Operations and Bay City GPS in Michigan, Defiance Operations in Ohio, and Rochester Operations in New York. Though it is not clear what vehicles the V8 engine will be used on, they will be made to support large trucks and SUVs.

In addition to this, $64 million will also be going toward electric vehicle component production at the Defiance and Rochester locations.

General Motors has been taking steps towards manufacturing electric vehicles such as their intentions to transform their entire light-duty lineup to electricity by 2035 and launching a Chevrolet Silverado EV full-size pickup this year.

GM president Mark Reuss, however, told Fox Business in November that General Motors is “not going to abandon our internal combustion engine segments.”