Shell X-100 Classic Motor Oil Reintroduced in the U.S. and Canada

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Classic Shell X-100 Motor Oils are now available for sale in North America formulated to meet the needs of older engines including classic and vintage vehicles. The entire formulation is tailored as a complete protection system, not just regular or multi grade oil boosted with a zinc additive.

"We are very honored to be exclusively selected to distribute Shell X-100 Classic Motor Oil in North America" (CEO Bill Beichner)

Key benefits of Shell X-100 Classic Motor Oils: 

High levels of ZDDP anti-wear additives
Superior oil film resilience & anti-wear protection at high load conditions
Excellent lubrication & protection of engine components where oil films are thinnest,
Controls deposits & minimal sludge formation with enhanced detergent & dispersant concentrations optimized for performance in older engines to protect against humidity changes during storage which can cause rust
Longer lasting lubricant due to high quality Group. I mineral oil combined with anti-oxidants that minimize degradation & oil thickening
Meets the most relevant engine lubricant specification (API SF/CC)

Historically, many motor manufacturers recommend Shell by name in their original vehicle handbooks and under the engine hood, now today's owners are able to follow those original recommendations.

Recommended for use in: classic, antique, muscle cars, and other vintage vehicles including: tractors, farm machinery, commercial and military vehicles where engine designs prohibit the use of low viscosity multi grade engine oils.

Shell X-100 Motor Oils are recommended for use in pre-1988 four stroke, naturally aspirated spark-ignition or compression-ignition engines. Currently available as a SAE 30 mono grade & SAE 20W-50 multi grade.

For additional details see the Shell X-100 website:

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