Positive Attitude, Positive Results

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There are many changes happening today: Regulations, customer and employee needs, and quick lubes changing into service centers. Dealers are performing quick lube services and much more. How the industry responds to these changes will define us as people and business owners. Will we be professional? Will we be positive or will we react negatively?

Negative reactions affect our customers, employees and businesses one way or another. Have you ever observed someone who, no matter what happens, turns everything into a negative situation?

 Attitudes are powerful. Others can feel them, and they are reflected in your behavior. Whether you smile and are helpful or choose not to be, both are a reflection of your attitude. It will affect everyone around you. You may not realize it, but your attitude makes a difference.

A captive attitude has a lot to do with being self-centered. If you are positive, happy and giving, then you will most likely take a situation or circumstance and think of others. Therefore, if you are faced with changes today, you would not only think of how they affect you, but would also take into consideration your company, employees and family. No matter the outcome, you would most likely speak highly of all parties in all circumstances representing yourself in a positive and professional manner.

However, if you are negative or find yourself complaining, then you will most likely take the situation at hand and think of yourself and how everything affects you. In this situation with someone who is reacting negatively, they may find themselves feeling not only negative but also alone and angry. While they may think their situation is everyone else’s fault, they might be the fix.

As we know, a positive attitude usually leads to positive results. Positivity can give you the necessary tools to make good decisions with the challenges and changes we face daily. If everything does not work out according to plan, your adaptability and willingness to work with the results will still bring positive results. Remember, you are in control of your immediate atmosphere, so how you respond to changes can either help or hurt you.

As mentioned, a positive attitude leads to positive results. This means if you make decisions with a negative attitude using your emotional behavior, it will most likely lead to negative results. With every action, there is a reaction!

Since our first day in business my father has said, “Girls, remember, it is not a sprint; it’s a marathon.” I believe those who choose to make things happen can win this marathon. Prepare, be positive and have confidence. Lou Holtz once said, “First we will be best, then we will be first.”

AMBER KOSSAK is president and CEO of Solid Start, manufacturer of True Brand Products. She has been in the automotive industry for almost 20 years and is serving on the AOCA board of directors. She can be contacted at: kossak@solidstart.biz For more information please visit: www.solidstart.biz

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