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2016 Specialty Motor Oil Guide

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2016 Specialty Motor Oil Guide

As more and more vehicles roll off the factory floor and into your bays factory-filled with synthetic oils, and since more high-mileage vehicles travel up and down the road then ever before, oil companies are offering specialized oils to meet these needs. If you are not stocking the specialty motor oils — synthetic, synthetic-blend, high-mileage, diesel, etc. — to service the varied vehicles rolling through your bays, you could be at risk of falling behind your competitors. That's why we've compiled our annual Specialty Motor Oil Guide, a comprehensive list of the specialty motor oils available.

What is "specialty motor oil"? Really, anything that falls outside the term "conventional oil." (While we know that some marketers actually produce their "conventional" oil from a blend of synthetic and conventional base stocks, for the purposes of this guide, we only list those products that are specifically marketed as a "synthetic-blend.") We also list which engine oil specifications a product meets, be it API, ILSAC, ACEA, dexos or other.

Finally, a big note of thanks to Shell for sponsoring this year's guide.

View the 2016 Specialty Motor Oil Guide.

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2016 Specialty Motor Oil Guide
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