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The Benefits of Being Proactive

We are more dependent on our vehicles than ever before. The chance of it not working is a chance you don’t want to take. Consider preventive battery replacement today instead of a no-start situation tomorrow. Look at the age of the battery. One out of every four batteries should be tested and possibly replaced — especially if subjected to hot or cold climates. Having batteries tested more frequently can help reassure customers of whether their batteries need to be replaced before they fail.

Test Batteries in Any Season

A dead battery is common in cold weather, but did you know extreme heat begins the wear-and-tear inside a battery? High under-hood temperatures can literally dissolve the battery on the inside; however, a customer will begin to notice it in cold weather when the car requires more cranking power from the battery to start the engine. Testing batteries in any season is the smart way to prevent a no-start situation.

Power Parasites

As newer vehicles become more and more inundated with electronic devices and computer controls, there is an increased amount of parasitic or small power drains that occur continually in the vehicle. Eventually, these parasitic drains can lead to a weak battery or even a no-start situation. Because of these continual power demands, batteries should be tested more frequently than ever before. Preventive testing makes sure the battery is healthy enough to handle the current battery-draining epidemic of power demanding devices.

Driving Does Not Always Fully Recharge the Battery

The amount of current from the alternator that is diverted to the battery to charge it, and for how long, can significantly affect a battery’s state of charge. If the engine is hard to start, the vehicle has many accessory loads or the temperature is sub-zero, the battery will not fully recharge. Over time, this can wear down the battery until it may fail when a driver needs it most. Remember, frequent battery testing can help avoid unexpected battery failure.

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