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The importance of education cannot be understated. Fast lube centers face their fair share of challenges, requiring staff to be well equipped to handle a wide array of issues that may arise. The Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) is committed to providing the industry with the education it needs for fast lube centers to succeed.

The AOCA Online Technician Academy is an interactive platform providing technicians with the fundamentals of operating in the fast lube industry. This low-cost learning platform is used across the country to train employees in various aspects including customer service, safety, job duties and more. The training concludes with an exam, and those who pass become AOCA certified technicians.

For those who have advanced to the leadership level, there’s the AOCA Management Certification Course. These two-day courses are led by industry experts and provide new and existing fast lube center managers with the training and tools they need to lead a shop. The course concludes with an exam, and those who pass become AOCA certified managers.

AOCA’s 2018 Management Certification Courses are just around the corner! Registration is open for the Chicago, Illinois, course, to be held on September 11-12, and the Dallas, Texas, course, to be held on October 23-24.

So what can fast lube managers expect to learn at a Management Certification Course? Let’s take a look:

Leadership. The fast lube center manager is a leader. The course will provide managers with the empowerment and tools required to properly lead staff. Attendees will learn the Eight Steps of Leadership, which are components essential for effective leadership. Participants will also learn about SMART goals, which will help managers prioritize and focus on results.

Manager Responsibilities. So, what does a fast lube center manager do? Participants will learn the required procedures for properly running the business. This includes opening and closing duties, daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, and other essential responsibilities.

Customer Relations Management. Customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of a fast lube center. Attendees will learn how to best interact with customers, how to properly present services and how to handle the unhappy customer.

Advertising and Marketing. The goal of any business is to attract and retain customers. So how do you do it? Participants will learn about a variety of methods used to bring customers in and keep them coming back. This includes traditional methods such as coupons, and modern techniques such as social media.

Attracting and Retaining Quality Employees. In a tight labor market, you must compete for employees. Learn how to find quality employees, the principles of interviewing, how to best schedule staff and techniques for retaining talent.

Implementing Your Training Program. A fine-tuned operation requires a properly trained staff. Attendees will learn how to create and implement an effective training program. This will help managers set objectives and communicate them, motivate and develop others and properly align employees.

Financial Management. At a minimum, fast lube center managers should have a basic understanding of the financials of the business. Participants will learn about profit and loss statements, revenue vs. expense, cost of goods and cost of labor, and net income and loss.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance. Maintaining a safe work environment is a constant effort. To avoid severe penalties, the fast lube center must be compliant with OSHA and other regulations, including those specific to the oil change industry. Attendees will learn all they need to know to safeguard their operation.

Leading a fast lube center is no small task. Ensure your management team is up for the challenge by sending them to one of AOCA’s Management Certification Courses.

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