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AOCA Releases New Weights and Measures Guide

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As the fast lube industry’s national representative for the past 30 years, the Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) strives to provide its members with unparalleled service in regulatory, legislative, educational and professional networking support. AOCA currently represents over 4,000 automotive maintenance centers throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and many other countries around the world.

AOCA’s mission is to provide its members in the automotive services industry with the business tools, resources and education to professionally and successfully deliver convenient automotive oil changes and other preventive maintenance services. One way of ensuring excellence in the industry is through AOCA’s Management Certification Course, which will be taking place in Dallas on October 23-24. (You can find more information at:

AOCA is also dedicated to enhancing the competency of fast lube owners, educating the public about the benefits of preventive automotive maintenance and maintaining a favorable business environment for the industry.

Members of AOCA adhere to a Code of Ethics and a standard of service excellence. Members provide "Professional Service at Your Convenience" to the motoring public, helping to extend the life and safety factors of their motor vehicles through quality maintenance. In addition, AOCA provides counsel on legislative and regulatory issues, represents the industry on Capitol Hill, develops research data on the convenient auto service market and makes available a wide variety of business products and services to help members improve business operations.

The Weights and Measures Guide is another crucial compliance tool in the ever-growing AOCA member toolbox, which includes the only fast lube-specific SPCC Plan for aboveground storage of engine oil and the Fast Lube Superfund Defense Kit. This is the only state-by-state guide to regulations affecting transmission fluid label and receipt requirements, and it was created with support from the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association and Lubrizol. Violations of weights and measures regulations amount to fraud, so installers must be sure to comply in their states of operation. AOCA’s guide also contains information on weights and measures regulation of engine oil labels and receipts.

Is your state covered? The majority of states follow the 2018 National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Handbook 130’s new requirements for engine oil and transmission fluid labels and receipts that recognize the suitable for use fluid standard. Six states follow an older version of the NIST Handbook 130 requirements for transmission fluid labels and receipts, which are potentially stricter in application. Only a handful of states have no applicable regulation. In those states, allegedly fraudulent labels and receipts may be handled under general state deceptive acts and unfair practices laws.

AOCA members can download the Weights and Measures Guide from the Resources tab at: Not a current member? Contact the AOCA office at 800.230.0702 or to take advantage of the exclusive resources AOCA has to offer.

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