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How to Secure Your Shop

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Setpt. 27, 2019—As a business owner, you have assets to protect. You might not want someone accessing a private part of the office or you could be worried about a potential burglary. But, you have options. An expert from SimpliSafe, a home and business security system company.

Why install a security system?

A business can not only install a security system for burglaries but can protect itself in the event of a natural disaster or workplace injury. A system from a do-it-yourself company like SimpliSafe or Scout Alarm can be installed within minutes. The SimpliSafe system only needs a Phillips-head screwdriver and no other tools to be installed correctly.

What benefits are provided?

  • One base station from SimpliSafe can accommodate up to 2,500 square feet of property.
  • Do-it-yourself systems do not require a year-long or longer contract with a security company.
  • Systems can cost about $200 for a one-time installation. This price depends on the size and needs of the space. Large spaces might pay about $500.
  • Business owners can opt in for a plan to have a security company monitor the equipment and its data. These plans cost about $10 or $15 per month and come with 24/7 monitoring.
  • For certain sensors, the owner can choose to receive notifications in the form of private text messages. 

How fast is a response if the alarm goes off?

If a sensor detects a break-in, the system sounds an alarm and alerts the team of security specialists. Unless the alarm is turned off, it will notify the police. Video verification, in which cameras send footage to the professional monitoring center,  can even make police dispatch even faster. According to SimpliSafe, some studies show that video verification can result in a 350 percent faster police response time.




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