Spring Training

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by Amanda Bowman

The sun is shining, snow has melted, birds are chirping, grass is growing a brilliant shade of green and the frigid air has been replaced with warm a breeze. Yes, it’s springtime. Do you know what that means? No, not spring cleaning, though that is important. It’s time for spring training!

After the tumultuous weather much of the U.S. experienced during the winter, it can be easy to feel off your game. Have your technicians take a cue from professional sports and practice ’til it’s perfect to improve their stats.


Run Drills

Every major sport, from football to soccer to baseball, has players run drills to fine-tune their athletic abilities. In baseball, infielders and outfielders will practice catching pop flies to work on their hand-eye coordination and practice tracking that white baseball while staring up toward the sun.

This spring, have your technicians fine-tune their oil changing abilities by running drills of your own. Set up a practice area for them so they can work on replacing oil or air filters. You could also time your employees on how fast and efficiently they clean the customer’s windshield and then have them try to beat that time.

Practice New Plays

In basketball, coaches come up with different plays for their team to run to keep their opponents second-guessing themselves. However, if they continually run the same plays, it becomes predictable and the competition will soon catch on, giving them the advantage.

Adding a new service to your menu is like adding a new play to your game. It takes time to adjust and have the entire team be able to run it as a unit. Adding a new service will diversify your play calling and keep your competition on their toes.

Preseason Games

Preseason games allow teams to assess every player in each position without a potential loss counting against their record. It’s a great way to let players show off their skills and get real life experience in a low-stakes situation.

Running drills allows your technicians to hone their skills, but giving them real life experience lets them put those skills to work. If practicing on paying customers gives you pause, consider setting up an after hours oil change “game” where you use the crew’s vehicles to practice on while your technicians show off their A game.

Spring training is a great way to shake off the cobwebs from winter and get into peak condition. Run drills, practice skills, learn new plays and get your techs game-day ready.

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