Getting Customers Without a Website

June 24, 2020

If you’re not the most tech-savvy person in the digital era, no need to fret. Here are ways to get customers without relying solely on a website.

June 24, 2020—In the digital age, it’s almost impossible to not have a website for your business. But many small business owners aren’t equipped to manage one. According to Danielle Wallace, content strategy manager for BG Products, she says most small business owners are overwhelmed with having a website. Yes, a lot of small businesses hire on someone to build their website, but once they’re done, they walk away and leave it up to owners to maintain it.

“A lot of people in shops are experts in automotive and running a business, not in web development,” Wallace says.

If some small business owners are overwhelmed with the idea of maintaining a website, no need to fret. Wallace has some tips on how to get customers without a high-tech website involved.

Google My Business

Instead of maintaining a website, businesses can simply create a Google My Business page. Even with a website, Wallace says having a Google My Business page is essential. That way, customers can still search ‘quick lubes near me’ and have your business be the first one to pop up. Just supply the business’s contact information, location, even a couple pictures so a customer can identify the business.

Social Media

Unlike a website, having a social media presence is a simpler way to keep in contact with customers. Wallace says a business should have at least one or two social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, to keep up with customers. With social media, you can publish video content, photos, or important links to further engage with your customer base. Social media is also a great tool for keeping your customers in the know when events and promotions are happening around your shop.


According to Video Brewery, 60 percent of executives prefer watching a video to reading a page of text. With YouTube, small business owners can conduct interviews, solicit testimonials, and show off the services you offer. Wallace says it’s a great way to engage with your customers and give them a little taste of what your shop has to offer.