All Eyes on Leaders During Tough Times

April 30, 2020

Especially during a crisis, remember that your actions as a business leader have ripple effects throughout your organization and beyond.

April 30, 2020—With 97 percent of operators in a recent NOLN survey reporting a downturn in business, the business climate amid COVID-19 has created hard times for most shops.

While shop leaders might feel overwhelmed at times, it's important to maintain poise. Affinity HR Group President Claudia St. John says that all eyes are on the actions of those operators.

“Your approach is looked at and has a great wide ripple effect on not only your employees and your employees’ families and the communities where they live,” she says.

Taking action to turn around the morale of a shop can lead to a highly motivated team, even during a crisis. Writing for Harvard Business Publishing's Corporate Learning blog, managing director Larry Clark said that rallying the troops around a renewed purpose can boost productivity.

"Leaders who can appropriately focus the energy of its workforce toward a clear purpose in resolving the crisis will typically find more than just a deep wellspring of energy and discretionary effort," Clark writes.

Rallying Beyond Fear

Employees could be feeling fear and anxiety. If leaders make it clear that they are taking the health and well-being of employees seriously, then those employees will feel better about performing their role at the shop. It's more important than ever to have a sense of commitment among the ranks.

“Your ability to be empathetic to the fears—the real fears of your employees—is so important, because if they know you care and they know you are protecting them, they will come to work and be committed,” St. John says.