Auto Work and Recovery Go Hand in Hand

Jan. 22, 2020

This Kentucky garage gives recovering addicts a second chance at pursuing their passion.

Jan. 22, 2019—From the outside, Second Chance Auto Care in Louisa, Ky., looks like a typical garage. And to customers—it is—but for the employees, it’s an opportunity at a new beginning. 

Tim Robinson, the president of Addiction Recovery Care, struggled with addiction to alcohol in his past, so he knew firsthand how difficult the recovery process can be. Robinson decided he wanted to help set recovering addicts up for success, which was the inspiration behind Second Chance Auto Care. He partnered with Jon Storms, who is currently the sales and service manager at Second Chance Auto Care. Storms provided the knowledge for getting a shop up and running and Robinson funded the project. The shop opened to the general public roughly one year ago.  

Storms says that there are many upsides to this, not only for those who are given a second chance, but for the business itself. Going through a program—like ARC—creates a sense of family, Storms explains. This has helped bring the staff closer together and create a sense of family that customers enjoy, according to Storm. 

For those that are thinking of implementing something similar or hiring someone that has a questionable past, Storm has a piece of advice: Stay open minded. 

“Everyone has problems. We don’t walk in their shoes so we don’t know what happened,” Storms says. 

Storms says that many who have struggled with addiction are passionate about auto repair, and, if given a second chance, are not going to do anything to mess it up.