How Texting Can Improve Your Recruitment Process

July 26, 2019

In order to attract millennial and Generation Z job candidates, updated technology should be at the forefront of the recruitment process.

One of the largest takeaways with Millennial recruitment is the needed inclusion of technology throughout the entire recruiting and onboarding process. Both Millennials and those within Generation Z rely heavily on technology, and tend to look for employment opportunities that seek the newest, most up-to-date integration. 

How repair shops choose to communicate with potential candidates can be a simple way to showcase the business’s technical intelligence.       

“Recruiters are most effective when thinking about what the candidates' preferences are, and really meeting the candidate where they are versus communicating to them in their (the recruiter’s) preference,” Kelly Lavin, chief talent officer of Canvas, said to Ratchet+Wrench, a sibling publication of NOLN.

There are many ways shop owners can utilize technology in the recruitment process in order to become a more favorable employment option for Millenials. Canvas, a software tool that allows recruiters to connect with their candidates via text messaging, being one of them. 

Lavin and Ashly Stage, marketing manager of Canvas, discuss more on how texting candidates could aid in repair shop recruitment.

Full Integration

Canvas allows for recruiters to connect with candidates through back and forth text messaging, it also enables businesses to upload job position information, benefit summaries, and other key information. The platform can also be programmed for a bot to automatically tee up questions. 

“You really have to think about your candidates just like you would customers,” Lavin said. “When thinking about the millennial generation and Gen Z, they grew up really communicating via text.”

Texting is a fast way to communicate and it’s effective, said Lavin, so it’s a great tool to plug into the recruiting process.

Added Convenience 

The convenience of texting candidates can make the recruitment process quick and easy⁠—not only for the potential candidate, but also for the shop. When using Canvas, for example, the candidate will see the shop’s message as a simple text, they don't have to download any program or app. 

The recruiter is able to set up their account on his or her computer or through the app⁠—this is where he or she is able to upload any added content, and automated questions. 

Texting also allows for businesses to send quick videos to potential new employees, Stage said. If a potential future employee is asking about a shop’s culture, a quick video of the team working together can be sent over to the candidate.  

“We’ve had great feedback around texting, it’s so convenient and really is meeting the candidate in the way that they communicate daily,” Lavin said.