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June 1, 2019

Catch up on the products and services featured this month.

Raybestos Element3 Coated Rotors

Raybestos has increased coverage of its ultra-premium Element3 Coated Rotors with the recent addition of 46 new part numbers, the company said in a press release.

In certain climates if a rotor is uncoated, corrosion and rust can begin to form immediately. Over

time, corrosion and moisture creep under the friction material layer and cause the material to pop off the surface of the rotor. This condition is commonly referred to as rust jacking and leaves uneven rotor surface, which can result in an excessive lateral runout and pedal pulsation. Open-wheel designs on modern vehicles leave brake parts, particularly rotors, more visibly rusty and unattractive.

Raybestos Element3 Coated Rotors with RPT Rust Prevention Technology use a proprietary finishing technology to coat each rotor’s entire surface, including the cooling vanes. The full Grey Fusion 4.0 coating helps resist corrosion and significantly delays rust-induced performance issues. It also provides a clean finished appearance, keeping the wheels looking new.

Element3 Coated Rotors are built to endure the harshest of weather conditions, deliver long-lasting protection from rust, and provide best-in-class performance, ultra-smooth braking and maximized friction life. They are ideal for drivers in rust-prone areas where aggressive snow and ice-melt chemicals accelerate the corrosion of rotors, as well as coastal regions with salt in the air and high humidity.

Snap-On: “May the torque be with you”

TECH2FM100 Electronic 3/8" Drive Micro Torque Wrench (5–100 ft-lb)

The ATECH line of torque wrenches make reaching precise torque quick and easy with multi-measurement modes and presets along with patent pending Snap-on Multi Axis Gyro Compensation to make up for changes in reaction distance due to flex angle or interplanetary travel. T
he ATECH line is recognized for the see-, hear- and feel-cues it offers techs when they’ve hit target torque. Its new heavy-duty yoke and metal construction work together with the secure-grip knurled handle to cover 5–100 ft-lb and a wide range of jobs. Even in the hands of a young apprentice tech, this micro torque wrench is designed to tackle work in tight engine compartments with an 80-tooth ratchet that reduces swing arc to 4.5 degrees. If you’re worried about that coarse, rough, irritating sand that gets everywhere – the ATECH2FM100 has you covered; its sealed to reduce dirt getting into the ratcheting head.

CTSS761 14.4 Volt Cordless In-Line Screwdriver Kit

After a shortcut through an asteroid field, repairing the a freighter would be quick work with this high torque and RPM in-line screwdriver. We won’t tell you the odds but, with 65 in-lb of torque output and 1,350 free speed RPM, this screwdriver can get the job done with most standard screwdriver and power bits. A built-in LED light brightens the work area like twin suns on the horizon of a faraway planet, and the 9-position clutch can dial in proper torque quicker than a land speeder zooms across the desert.

FRESL14 3/8" Drive SAE 7/16" and FRESL16 3/8" Drive 1/2" Low-Profile Spline Torque Adapters

Even a four-armed general can't grievously damage the specially designed radius edge of these new spline torque adapters, and their precision forged, heat treated special alloy steel outshines your favorite golden humanoid robot. The unique spline wrenching system can be used on spline as well as ordinary 6 and 12-point fasteners with 2 inch center-to-center length on each adaptor for greater reach and easy torque calculations.Trying to quickly fix your pod before the race starts? Its tight engine compartments and precise torque requirements are no match for this low-profile torque adapter.

Mitchell 1 ProSpect compatible with Android

Building on the success of the 2018 release of ProSpect, the Mitchell 1 mobile vehicle check-in and inspection application now offers a new version that supports Android mobile devices. This new release expands ProSpect compatibility across virtually any Android or Apple iOS smartphone or tablet device an auto repair shop is using in their daily operations.

ProSpect is integrated with the Manager SE shop management system and is used to greet customers, ID vehicles by scanning VIN or license plates, and perform digital inspections with notes and photos to document vehicle complaints. The results are recorded and visible on Manager SE computer screens.

For Mitchell 1 ProSpect subscribers, the app for Android devices is available at no additional charge in the Google Play Store. Apple users download the free app from the Apple App Store; either app can be installed on an unlimited number of devices.

The Manager SE shop management system helps mechanical auto repair shops streamline workflow and track activity from estimate to invoice. The tools and reports in Manager SE give shops a 360-degree view of the entire operation, helping them manage repairs, customer service and the overall business more efficiently and profitably. Manager SE is integrated with ProDemand, Mitchell 1’s comprehensive repair information system, to further increase shop productivity.

Pennzoil promotes natural gas PurePlus base oil

In making motor oil, you start with a base oil, to which certain additives are added to give the oil its full range of performance characteristics. Pennzoil has raised the bar with the PurePlus Technology in Pennzoil Platinum and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic motor oils.

PurePlus Technology is a revolutionary process that converts pure natural gas into a first-of-its-kind synthetic base oil used in Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic motor oils, the best synthetic motor oils we’ve ever made.

Imagine taking a cup of water from a muddy river and running it through a water filter. The filtered water will still contain some impurities, similar to the crude oil processing that is used to create conventional base oils.

Now imagine collecting a cup of water by condensing steam or water vapor. The resulting water will be much purer, similar to PurePlus base oil. In the same way, a base oil made from natural gas is purer than a base oil that’s been refined from crude oil.

PurePlus Technology produces a crystal clear base oil that is 99.5-percent pure with fewer impurities than base oils made from crude oil, the start for many other traditional and synthetic motor oils.

Every great oil is a combination of base oil and the high-performance additives that give it its full range of performance characteristics. And it’s the combination of PurePlus base oil and our high-performance additives that enable Pennzoil Platinum products to deliver complete protection without compromise. The additives also give Pennzoil Platinum its distinctive amber color.

Schaffer’s introduces SN PLUS, dexos-compliant oils

Engine oils must meet the new demands of vehicles as OEMs continue to push for improved performance. Gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines are able to operate at low speeds and high loads, allowing for greater fuel efficiency and higher power output.

However, these engines are not without their own complications. API SN PLUS was launched to combat phenomenon found in newer smaller displacement, higher compression, charged air induction and direct injected engines. GDI engines tend to run hotter and place more stress on the oil, which can increase oxidation and wear. The engines can experience timing chain stretch, which is the elongation of the chain, caused by wear to the chain’s components.

However, the major concern with GDI engines is low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). Sometimes called “super knock” due to the noise made, LSPI is the spontaneous ignition of the fuel charge before compression is complete. LSPI can cause severe engine damage, and it can’t be solved by the use of higher-octane gasoline—as it was in the past. That’s why OEMs turned to the lubricant industry to help. The new SN PLUS oils are designed to protect against LSPI.

With Schaeffer’s SN PLUS oils, you get advanced oil performance that protects engines from LSPI and optimizes efficiency. Schaeffer’s oils are known for our proven friction modifiers, Micron Moly and Penetro, that reduce friction and wear. Our SN PLUS oils prevent metal-to-metal contact and damaging frictional wear. Further blended into our unique formula is a patented stable zinc anti-wear additive to provide even more protection against LSPI events.

Because newer engines are running hotter, stronger oxidation performance is needed from the oil to protect the engine throughout the oil interval. Made with advanced antioxidants and synthetic base oils, our SN PLUS oils are built to withstand higher temperatures and allow for longer oil life.

Schaeffer’s exceptional oxidation stability and thermal resistance also reduce high-temperature deposits that can block oil flow and cause wear. To further boost engine cleanliness, our SN PLUS oils use enhanced detergency and dispersancy additives to suppress the formation of deposits, sludge and varnish. Less buildup in the engine helps optimize engine performance and fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Extensive field tests show Schaeffer’s SN PLUS gasoline engine oils offer:

  • 7% oxidation improvement.
  • 20% iron wear reduction (average).
  • 50% less chain wear as shown in the Sequence X test, which runs for 216 hours.
  • Schaeffer’s gasoline engine oil labels have been updated to display the API Resource Conserving SN PLUS donut.

Our fully synthetic oils meet and exceed API SN PLUS and are GM dexos1 Gen 2 compliant:

  • 9003D Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic 5W-30
  • 9004 Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic 5W-20
  • 9005 Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic 0W-20

Our para-synthetic oils that meet and exceed API SN PLUS:

  • 701 Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus 5W-30
  • 703 Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus 10W-30
  • All vehicle owners will benefit from the enhanced performance possible with Schaeffer’s upgraded engine oils. The SN PLUS specification is backward compatible with API SN, and GM dexos1 Gen 2 is backward compatible with the Gen 1 version.