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Feb. 1, 2018
Cleaners, synthetics, diesel oils, inspection tools, leak detectors, and more make up the latest in products and services for the fast lube and quick maintenance industry.

Reformulated Synthetic Line

Amsoil has launched a new formulation of its OE Synthetic Motor Oil line to meet the emerging demands of advanced automotive technology. It is specifically designed to deliver maximum wear protection, fuel economy and emissions control for the longer drain intervals recommended by original equipment manufacturers.

OE Synthetic Motor Oil has achieved 100-percent protection against low-speed pre-ignition, and it provides 47 percent more wear protection than required by the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specifications. Amsoil OE Synthetic Motor Oil has a 100-percent synthetic, pure chemical structure engineered to remove harmful contaminants and provide long-lasting engine protection and performance. It features an advanced detergent and dispersant additive package designed to protect against sludge and deposits to deliver maximum engine cleanliness.

Amsoil OE Synthetic Motor Oil is available in the following viscosities: 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30.

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Tough Cleaners

Penray recently unveiled its new line of Tough Max multi-purpose cleaning products.

Penray’s Tough Max cleaning products are offered in two variations to meet the diverse cleaning needs in shops. Mechanics will find Tough Max Multi-Purpose Degreasing Wipes especially convenient for cleaning tools and parts, as well as for cleaning dirty hands. These wipes will quickly and easily clean off stubborn materials like grease, tar and ink, yet are gentle enough to be used on leather, vinyl and even dirty hands.

Penray also offers Tough Max Purple Multi-Purpose Cleaner in a stronger concentration that provides additional power for clean-up jobs. This industrial-strength purple compound provides exceptional cleaning power for quickly penetrating grease, oil and other stubborn stains. It is suitable for use on nearly any non-porous or semi-porous surfaces, including machinery and tools, as well as floors and walls, tile, porcelain, aluminum, counter tops, wood, vinyl or leather. It is powerful enough to remove tar, dirt, wax, ink, wet paint, most lubricants and adhesives and even some stubborn scuff marks. However, it is formulated to be non-corrosive so it can be used on aluminum surfaces without fear of pitting or discoloration.

Tough Max liquid concentrate is available in 32-ounce trigger spray bottles, as well as larger bulk quantities — five- and 10-gallon pails or a 55-gallon drum.

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Diesel Oils for Modern Engines

Phillips 66 and Kendall have added new oils to their heavy-duty product portfolios. The new 5W-30 full synthetic oils deliver additional benefits to diesel trucks by increasing fuel savings without sacrificing engine protection.

The new CK-4 5W-30 Phillips 66 Triton Euro and Kendall SHP Euro Diesel Engine Oils meet API CK-4 performance requirements for use in modern low-emission engines designed to meet 2007 and later EPA on-highway exhaust emissions standards and are backward serviceable for use in older diesel engines. Both oils meet ACEA E6, MB 228.51, CES 20086, DFS 93K222 and other OEM specifications. They are specially formulated for compatibility with exhaust after-treatment systems using diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts and/or selective catalytic reduction. Both oils are full-synthetic formulations and SAE 5W-30 viscosity, providing excellent low-temperature properties for better performance in harsh winter climates.

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Where Tire Inspection and POS Meet

Bartec USA’s new Tech200Pro is designed to work with existing point-of-sale systems (POS) or Bartec’s Service Center System, making it easy, fast and accurate to inform customers of their tires’ condition.

The Tech200Pro combines tread depth, TPMS and digital pressure measuring, capturing the correct safety information. The Tech200Pro is quickly set up for specific make, model and year by simply accepting the vehicle lookup from your POS. There is no scanning or looking for the bar code; rather, the vehicle data that’s already in your POS is sent directly to the tool.

Once the inspection is complete, the data is then sent wirelessly to the POS or tablet, so the data can be presented to customers to help them make an informed decision, knowing the condition of their tires, TPMS, alignment or suspension. A color report can be printed, and on it are the key safety items like gauge tire pressure, TPMS tire pressure, remaining tread, tread wear and TPMS sensor battery state.

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New Battery Partnership

Advance Auto Parts, Inc. and Interstate Batteries recently announced a strategic partnership to better serve the changing needs of the automotive aftermarket with premium quality products, expanded availability and enhanced customer service. Interstate Batteries will become the exclusive automotive and specialty battery brand to Advance Auto Parts stores and customers in the spring of 2018.

Advance Auto Parts will debut a comprehensive battery program featuring Interstate products at its locations and will offer free battery testing and installation in stores. Interstate products will be available initially at Advance’s company-owned stores and at independently owned Carquest stores. In the future, wholly owned Advance Auto Parts subsidiaries Worldpac, Autopart International and Carquest Canada will also offer Interstate products.

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New Filter Part Numbers

Mann-Filter recently introduced 44 new part numbers available for immediate order. The new part numbers include air, cabin air, oil and fuel filters, as well as air oil separators.

With the announcement of 44 new part numbers, Mann-Filter has increased its coverage of the European passenger vehicle market to more than 98 percent.

The new part numbers provide OE fit, form and function for popular makes such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Fiat.

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Headlight Restoration with No Tools Required

E2 Lens Re-New is a new, easy-to-apply headlight restoration kit that renews headlights to a like-new appearance without the use of sandpaper or power tools. E2 works to restore both headlights and taillights by removing the yellow, hazy and cloudy coating that occurs from oxidation and exposure to the elements.

E2 Lens Re-New removes the yellow cloudy buildup on the lens surface and adds a clear coating for long-term protection. E2 Lens Re-new is proven to effectively remove buildup that can be a driving hazard.

The all-in-one kit, featuring a non-abrasive proprietary cleaning formula, is composed of a cleaning solution, clear coat, white cleaning cloth, blue buffing cloth, a clear coat applicator pad, stirring spoon, plastic gloves and step-by-step instructions.

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New Leak Detectors

Robinair recently introduced new A/C leak detectors that are compatible with nearly all refrigerants used today, including R1234-yf and R-134a. The leak detectors, LD3, LD5 and LD7, meet all industry standards and are now available in North America.

Each of the new A/C leak detectors feature an audible alarm with a stable, long-life sensor that lasts up to ten years. Equipped with an automatic calibration and the ability to reset to ambient, the new Robinair leak detectors also include three adjustable sensitivity levels and a low battery indicator.

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