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Easier to Pour

Valvoline recently launched its newest innovation, the Easy Pour Bottle. Valvoline worked alongside consumers to develop the new design. The brand’s patent-pending Easy Pour Bottle offers a bevy of highlights.

The Easy Pull Tab makes opening the bottle clean and simple; a Precision Pour Spout provides accurate pour and clean cut off for a mess-free experience; and the Anti-Glug Tube provides a glug-free pour for a faster, cleaner and easier oil change. Also, the Resealable Overcap with No-Slip Grip helps prevent spillage and provides safe storage, and the Centralized Handle makes for a more confident pick up, transport and pour.

Valvoline has partnered with seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson to promote a series of entertaining videos showcasing the ease of use and cleanliness of the new packaging.

Learn more about the new packaging and watch videos of it in action at:

Heavy Duty A/C Service

The ArcticPro ACX1180C is the OEM heavy-duty commercial option from Mahle Service Solutions popular ACX1180 series. Easy to service and maintain, the ACX1180C is designed to increase technician productivity due to its fully automatic program to recover, vacuum, leak test and charge without command for ease of operation.

The ACX1180C also features an integrated test function that allows the user to capture a before-and-after service snapshot to ensure proper A/C system service functionality. High-pressure leak detection and liquid refrigerant flushing are standard high performance features essential for heavy-duty service.

In addition to recovering more than 95 percent of heavy-duty A/C system refrigerant, the ACX1180C features a high capacity 50-pound internal DOT cylinder to service larger commercial vehicles. The unit also includes a 5 CFM vacuum pump, an integrated printer, an ambient humidity sensor, three temperature sensors, four pressure sensors, a vacuum micron sensor providing greater system diagnostic capabilities, a factory-installed heater belt and is hybrid certified.

The ACX1180C meets stringent certification requirements including SAE J2788, SAE J2099 and UL 1963 and is backed by a two year parts and labor warranty.

For more information, visit:

Upgraded Mobile

The newly updated ShowMeTheParts app provides full access to the largest public parts database on the market on the go. Users can find parts and check photos, specifications and other information while working on their vehicles.

ShowMeTheParts covers 1.7 million parts from over 300 aftermarket parts manufacturers. Along with interchange information and specifications, users can view product information sheets, photos and even 360-degree views of parts. This information is constantly updated, ensuring the most accurate information available.

Users will see faster lookup speeds and smoother navigation to the freshest data in the aftermarket. The app provides access to all the information in the ShowMeTheParts catalog through a user interface tailored to work with small touchscreens. Vertical Development’s update brings improvements in both the design of the app and the servers supplying it with data making accessing parts information easier than ever before.

The app not only makes access more convenient, but it also means users can check information when they are at their car, making direct comparisons between photos and specifications with the parts they need to replace. The app can even search local businesses to find a supplier for the part they need, putting the power of ShowMeTheParts’s catalog in their pockets.

To get the full benefit of these updates, current users will need to uninstall the app and download the new version. The iOS version is available from the App Store, while Android users can get it from the Google Play Store. For users whose phones don’t have a supported OS, there’s an HTML5 version of the app that can be accessed using any modern browser.

For more information, call 847.609.9540 or visit:

Streamline Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the pulse of any business. With Bolt On Technology’s launch of Review Manager, automotive shop owners can get instant, honest reviews from their customers.

Locally owned businesses, like automotive repair shops, are constantly competing to provide services for their community. What better way to generate new business by letting your customers sing your praises? Review Manager, the new must-have feature from Bolt On Technology, allows automotive repair shops to build their online presence at the click of a button. Shop owners can choose which customers to text links to, and have them review their most recent experience at the shop. That review will post directly to Google or Facebook.

Review Manager is now available to all Pro Pack users for $100/month. For more information on Review Manager, or to sign up, please visit:

New Service Pack

CRC Industries, Inc. has introduced the new GDI Service Pack to help auto repair shops maintain the performance of their customers’ vehicles equipped with gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines and, in so doing, creates a new source of revenue.

CRC GDI Service Pack offers shops the opportunity to meet their customers’ needs by maintaining vehicle performance and efficiency, but it also creates a new source of revenue.

A complete GDI engine service every 10,000 miles is a win-win for both the vehicle owner and the shop. Regular maintenance of these modern engines saves vehicle owners time and money from costly engine teardown or mechanical processes to remove excessive carbon buildup.

A GDI Engine Service using CRC products eliminates carbon deposits in six critical areas: the mass air flow sensor, the throttle body, intake valves, fuel injectors, spark plugs and the combustion chamber.

The GDI Service Pack includes CRC GDI IVD Intake Valve and Turbo cleaner that removes hard carbon deposits from intake valves; CRC 1-Tank Power Renew that restores up to 99 percent of injector flow and increases mpg; CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner that restores 4-10 horsepower at the wheels; CRC Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner that cleans deposits from the throttle valves and throttle body; and CRC Friction Guard that reduces wear and scoring on cylinder walls.

To learn more about the CRC GDI Service Pack, visit:

New Premium Blades

Bosch recently announced Envision as the newest addition to the windshield wiper product line, designed to sharpen night visibility and provide extreme weather safety. Bosch Envision is now available at AutoZone stores nationwide and

The new premium windshield wiper helps to reduce blur with NightFocus ultrasonic technology, which fuses the base connector and blade to form a single core construction and provide an even wipe across the entire length of the wiper. Additionally, glare is reduced through ClearMax365 rubber technology, featuring a flexible dual synthetic rubber blend and precision-cut polymer edge to create an optimal wipe angle. The technology also promotes a longer product life, as it protects the wiping edge from ozone deterioration, extreme weather and road debris.

Envision is equipped with a NightBlack spoiler, combining a light-absorbing charcoal powder and water repelling polymer compound. The spoiler helps to repel water droplets and minimize ice buildup for extreme, all-weather wiping performance. A Safe-Check indicator alerts users when it’s time to check the condition of their blades to ensure safer driving in the rain, sleet and snow.

Offering broad compatibility, the Envision windshield wiper blade includes several connectors such as the new Denso Top Lock, U-hook, side lock, top lock and pinch tab.

For more information, visit:

First Step to Transition

Robbinex Inc., one of North America’s most experienced companies in mergers and acquisitions, is expanding its service offerings with the launch of COSATA in response to a changing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) marketplace.

COSATA stands for comprehensive strategic analysis of transition alternatives. When a business owner is interested in selling or transitioning their business, the COSATA approach takes them beyond a simple valuation of their current business to identify changes that will enhance its value and considers alternatives to selling.

Robbinex analyzes hundreds of potential buyers for every business they help bring to market. Utilizing a COSATA reflects recent changes in the mergers and acquisitions market; it highlights synergies between the company being sold and the interested buyer and allows both sides to be methodical and strike the best deal for our clients.

COSATA evaluates a business from four paradigms — historical recast earnings, present value of assets with goodwill, comparable transactions and future sustainable earnings. When a valuation is determined, the Robbinex team provides a full set of recommendations, including a review of the 14 alternatives to selling, to ensure their client is making the right decisions, for the right reasons and if selling, for the right price.

For more information, call 888.ROBBINEX or visit:

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