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  • July 2023

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    Taking Charge of Your Operation

    July 1, 2023
    July reminds us to be the difference and take action to better your business.
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    Customer Service Accelerated

    July 1, 2023
    When customers drive hard, make sure you're there to keep up with the maintenance
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    The Extra Step

    July 1, 2023
    How can you reduce warranties on new designs?
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    How Will AVs Impact Traffic Fines and Fees?

    July 1, 2023
    Autonomous vehicles may affect DMVs and state budgets.
    Michael Einreinhof
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    Shop Look

    Shop Look: Mountain Lakes Auto Wash and Express Lube of Hewitt, New Jersey

    July 1, 2023
    This thoughtfully designed shop emulates a cabin vibe in a quick lube setting.

    More content from July 2023

    Ben Keeling
    The team at Pit Lane Oil Change focuses on conversation and connection at their small town shop.
    Feature Stories

    Committed to Customers

    July 1, 2023
    Running a successful shop starts by understanding the customer base.
    Hanna Bubser
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    iFLEX 2023: The Quick Lube Perspective

    July 1, 2023
    The annual expo shed light on topics that impact this industry.
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    The 100-Point Inspection

    July 1, 2023
    Can a courtesy inspection go too far?
    Pexels Ann H 1989821

    Are You Too Hands-On?

    July 1, 2023
    Learn when to micromanage, and when to hand off tasks and responsibilities to your staff to create better workflow.
    Courtesy of Joe Benza, Carolina Quick Lube
    Carolina Quick Lube owner Joe Benza has this industry in his blood, having grown up with a shop owner as his father.

    Too Good to Leave Behind

    July 1, 2023
    Joe Benza couldn’t resist an opportunity to return to the industry.
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    Changing the Building 

    June 30, 2023
    Expansion requires flexibility.