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Podcast: Maintain Your Industry Perspective - Part 1 (with Justin Cialella of Victory Lane Quick Oil Change)

April 11, 2024
In the first part of this two-episode series, Justin Cialella of Victory Lane Quick Oil Change offers his thoughts on multiple topics pertaining to the modern quick maintenance...

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Letting Young Talent Shine

April 1, 2024
Brynn Wimmers wants to see more young women like her enter the automotive field.
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Hempy: The Importance of a Mission Statement (Lessons from Larry Dahl)

April 1, 2024
In his debut column for NOLN, Oilstop CEO Scott Hempy explains the importance of purpose in service.
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The Shop Owner Brotherhood

April 1, 2024
Shawn Hood made his dream of becoming a business owner a reality when he opened BrotherHood Oil.
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Cultivating Employee Goals

April 1, 2024
How to be SMART about setting goals.
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Tatum: Empowering Your Team

April 1, 2024
Ways that you can give responsibility to your managers.
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Customer Service

Serving Younger Generations as Customers

April 1, 2024
You don't need to treat younger customers with extra attention, but you do need to assess how much of an explanation of services is required.
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Hands-On Technology

March 29, 2024
More than getting the hands dirty.
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Podcast: The 411 on Kwik Kar Franchising (with Ron Stilwell of FullSpeed Automotive)

March 28, 2024
Ron Stilwell, president of FullSpeed Automotive, joins the show to discuss nationwide franchising with Kwik Kar Oil Change & Auto Care.
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Johnson: Even NHTSA Blames Hyundai/Kia Customers for Lack of Maintenance

March 25, 2024
The role of Hyundai/Kia maintenance in relation to warranties, severe driving, and defects.
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Podcast: Awarding an Example of Leadership (with SpeeDee Franchisee Mike Guasch)

March 21, 2024
Mike Guasch, owner of SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service in Modesto, California, joins the show to discuss his Franchisee of the Year Award from the International Franchise Association...

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