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Podcast: The Future of Quick Maintenance

Robert Weissberg runs a Midas-SpeeDee Oil Change and Auto Service shop out of Watsonville, Calif., and has some great insight on the education, training and mindset that owners will need to consider when thinking long-term about the future of vehicle maintenance services.

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How I Did It: Bonuses as an Incentive

Carl Goede of Roadrunner Express shares how a little insight from McDonald's helped him structure his employee's pay and bonuses, while also coming up with his own unique structure that's tailored to his shop's goals.

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Video: Joanna Johnson's Role with the AOCA

The Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) has been supporting the Massachusetts Right to Repair initiative from the beginning, with Joanna Johnson, the policy advisor for the AOCA, working behind the scenes on the issue.

Johnson details exactly what she does for the association, the past issues she’s fought for, and the current issues that face the industry.

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Top Trends: Off to a Strong Start

Steve Pittman of PittStop 10 Minute Oil Changers shares his story of starting out in quick lube ownership. With a focus on cleanliness and strong customer service, he built a successful operation in a competitive market.

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How I Did It: The 3 Ms of Marketing

Want to elevate your marketing message but don't know where to start? Philipp Lomboy, founder of Marami Marketing Group, has got you covered on what you first need to address in your digital marketing tactics.

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How I Did It: The Ideal Growth Strategy

Newer Jiffy Lube franchisee, Stonebriar Auto Services, is looking to open over 150 locations. So, what's their growth strategy, especially with looking to be in so many spread-out markets? Staff writer Abby Patterson talks with Steve Isom, Stonebriar's executive vice president, on managing these franchises, dealing with roadblocks, and advice on their overall strategy.

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How I Did It: Adapting to the New Normal

With the stay-at-home orders in most states being lifted, operators are finally able to get back to work. However, it's safe to say there's a new normal that all businesses will need to adhere to. To help navigate, staff writer Abby Patterson talks with Scott Wheeler, President of Automotive Consultants Group, Inc., on what operators should expect and how to adapt to new customer expectations.

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Top Trends: Morris' Fast-Tizer

When COVID-19 shutdowns slowed business to a trickle, Illinois quick lube operator Morris Clement pivoted to the hand sanitizer production business. Listen to this illuminating episode about how it all came together.

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