Running A Shop


How to Market to People Not Like You

It is very easy to think that your customers are just like you, but that’s rarely the case, even if they look like you, are roughly the same age and appear to appreciate the same things. Even when customers seem like you, they can still be very different.

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Labor Control

The secrets to maximizing your labor dollars

When it comes to running a successful and profitable quick-lube center, your outlay in labor dollars can quickly turn you from “in the black” to “in the red” if you fail to maintain control of your labor issues.

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Personal and Professional Relationships

My Philip story

We have covered a lot about how others are changed by us. We have gone through talks of leadership and communications. Establishing and spreading our styles and habits on others ultimately setting up our legacy. This is not one of those articles, and it’s not an easy article to write.

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“Disciplining” Adults is Just Wrong

It’s a great irony that the discipline policy preferred by most companies is called “progressive.” Since the word progressive means “making favorable progress or change,” nothing could be further from the truth. The progressive discipline policy is about punishment — not improvement.

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